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Hi I'm Katelyn

I'm a college graduate, a full-time mom, a realistic health nut... and I'm a Mormon.

About Me

I was born and raised in southeastern Idaho by a wonderful family that I love and adore. Being from good ol' ID, I do indeed love anything with potatoes... big surprise, right? My sweet husband and l both graduated from college in April of 2012. My studies included Exercise and Wellness with a minor in Nutrition. During school, I was highly involved with the wellness programs of both the local universities. Now that I am graduated and a full-time mom I want to do whatever I can to make the world a healthier place, one family at a time. In order to graduate from college in good time I took classes and worked for four straight years. Now that I am graduated and have more than enough free time I usually find myself going on runs, cooking new and healthy dishes, doing random projects around the house, or playing with my son. I also really love reading good books, adventuring around mountains, watching musicals, and taking pretty pictures of pretty things... but I don't do those things nearly enough. I try to find joy in everything, even road work (try being the key word here). Usually it's the little things make me the happiest anyway... yet I tend to love surprises. My life goals include raising a happy and healthy family in the Church, having a welcoming home with a reasonable garden, serving a mission with my sweetheart, doing another musical once my kids leave the house, and living up to my fullest potential while keeping my priorities straight.

Why I am a Mormon

For me, "choosing" to be a member of His church is a little different than some. There are many wonderful individuals in the Church that have amazing conversion stories and honestly I sometimes envy the experiences that brought them to them to the gospel. As I occasionally wish I had some "cool story" there are many converts that may envy the situation that I am in. I was born into the Church and was baptized at age 8 just like many members of the Church. Ever since I can remember I have attended church, singing the songs, going to various meetings, etc. My whole life I have kept coming back. And that is why "choosing" to be a member of His church is a little different for me. I choose every day to be a member by living the way that I do. I keep going to church, I keep reading the Book of Mormon and the Bible, and I keep saying my prayers. These are the things that bring peace into my life and I know that it is through the Lord's true church that I can do these things.

How I live my faith

I live my faith by having faith. At times it is intimidating trying to keep up with all of the righteous things that we need to be doing to live with our families and our Father in Heaven again... but I know that as I personally have faith and act on my faith I can do anything required of me. We learn that faith without works is dead... and so I strive to always be a do-er of the work. These works that help me develop my faith are generally small and simple things, not huge tasks. Forgetting that it is by these small and simple things is what sometimes intimidates us. The small and simple things that I do to strengthen my faith include reading my scriptures --I am working on studying them better--, praying night and day, attending the temple with my husband regularly, and continuously looking for ways to help those in need. One thing that I have found that has become a huge resource for me is attending my church meetings every Sunday. Through being at church I am presented with many opportunities to teach, serve, and reach out to those around me in one way or another. Over time, just as habits are created, I have been able to gradually make my life a spiritual one as I have incorporated these small and simple things into my daily routine... and I haven't felt completely bogged down or overwhelmed. As I have done these spiritually uplifting things, the Lord has blessed me with enough time and energy to keep up with my various responsibilities because I have given all that I can, and all that I can give is really what the Lord requires of me.

Can a husband and wife be together forever? Do Mormons believe that families will live together in heaven?

Absolutely yes! And a resounding and thankful yes at that! Just as the true gospel of Jesus Christ has been restored on this earth, so have the temple ordinances and the power of the priesthood. In order to enjoy the blessings of eternal families, members of the church must be faithful and worthy to enter the temple. In the temple, couples and families can be sealed together for all eternity through the power of the priesthood. Being sealed as a family as well as receiving your endowment (another saving ordinance, or "required" ordinance) can bring endless blessings as you are obedient to Christ's teachings. I am eternally grateful that I am sealed to my husband and son. I become more and more grateful each day having witnessed one too many friends lose family members. Death does not end our relationships with those we love. It is merely a small stepping stone in the plan of salvation. I know that as I do what the Lord asks of me I will be able to live with my family through all of eternity. Show more Show less