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Hi I'm John

I've been a Mormon for 22 years. I am a retired Police Sgt of 23 years in Othello.

About Me

I have 3 kids with two still at home and enjoy spending time with them. My hobbies include astronomy, ham radio and art (drawing painting ceramics etc.) and doing genealogy work. I'm amazed at the wealth of information that the Church has to help me see my ancestors, sometimes their jobs and other things about them. I am finishing an 8' observatory and plan on sharing time with the scouts and school groups. My wife keeps me busy since I have retired and we are currently involved in fixing up our newly purchased home.

Why I am a Mormon

As a retired Police Officer in a small town of 5,000 I've gotten to know who the bad guys are, sometimes even knowing their date of birth due to so many contacts. I've seen too many people destroying their lives and that of their family. Murder, domestic abuse, thefts, drug abuse...there was no end to what they could do to themselves or others. I also noted who the good guys were. Good upstanding caring people with high family values and a good reputations. Shortly after being married I met with a pair of Mormon Missionaries. My beliefs had changed from my early Protestant views. With my little testimony I found that I had the beliefs of the Mormon Church. I started to attend to see more and the windows of Heaven opened on me. I had prayed after many years with true intent. So many questions were answered and through the power of the Spirit I knew that they were true; right down to my very core. When I opened my heart to God he answered and it was humbling. As I attended Church I saw that the people there were many of the good upstanding people knew were there. They had strong testimonies. They had strong family and moral values. They lived what they stated their beliefs are it was their life, not just a Sunday afternoon. How could I not become a Mormon?! I was baptized and had the Spirit conferred upon me. I was on the trail to greater understanding. I now know that there is a Heaven and Heavenly Father is in charge of it and has a definite plan which had stayed the same since the beginning of human existence. I know that we were judged by our good works and that faith in Christ is the key that opens the way. I know that world needs a prophet. God would not leave his children to evil without guidance. So many changes, moral decay and temptations have come about that we need guidance and there is only one true answer, not just what everybody feels individually. There is only one plan and Christ leads his Church through a Prophet.

How I live my faith

I try to have good family values. I spend times with my kids and still go on dates with my wife. I follow my belief by committing myself to God. That which I have is his. I pay tithing as have always had enough to meet my needs. I know there are times when I fall short (more than I want) but found that my heart was lifted and my burden was removed by Christ. I don't smoke or drink and don't use illicit drugs. Doing so is easy and the money saved is more than the tithing that Heavenly Father asks of us. Most of the calls a Police Officer involved someone involved with or under the influence from alcohol and/or drugs ( I know I found it to be over 70% of the time). I steer clear of pornography and its temptations that weaken and destroy marriages and family. My family, who are not Mormons have said that they could tell that there has been a change in me and that they could sense that the spirit was with me. You can have the Spirit with you too. I spend time with my kids and tell them often that I love them. I don't believe in "Do as I say, not what I do". Your kids emulate what you do since, you are their role model as how to be an adult which, they so wish to be. I still go on dates with my wife. I read scriptures and other good books. I don't attend R rated movies. I purchased equipment that removes cursing, sex and unholy acts or allusions. I watch appropriate TV. Some shows even on standard networks have become lairs of bad examples. There are so very few shows that show married couples. A person asks if somebody wants to move in with them. Clothing is immodest and constant references to sex fill the time. This tears down families and leaves many hurt adults and children in its wake. I try to rise above these things. I wear and believe in modest clothing. I try to be good with my neighbors and those I know. If I have offended them I try to make amends. I try to live what I believe and espouse to others. I follow Gods Plan.

Are all Mormons required to serve a mission?

We are not required to serve a mission. In my family my 1st went on a mission to Chile and it brought great blessing to him and us. Show more Show less

Do Mormons worship Joseph Smith?

We do not worship Joseph Smith. We hold him in high esteem as any Prophet. We consider him to be one of the great ones due to the Gospel the Lord had him bring forth. We worship God our Heavenly Father and Jesus Christ. Our Church is named as Christ's Church (The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints. Show more Show less