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Hi I'm Aubree

I am in college, I love Taylor Swift and I am a Mormon

About Me

Hi, I’m Aubree, I am a brand new college student, I am a convert and I am a Mormon. Things that are interesting about me, well I love to travel I’ve been to over 8 different countries, and over 15 states. I am Pre-med, I live in the dorms at my college and I went to two different High Schools. Besides traveling I love to eat food, my mom will hear all about these amazing new hip restaurants and then she and I will go and eat and talk for hours. Besides studying and eating in college I am also in sorority who are the biggest family when I’m away from home. In two years I plan on traveling to Kenya on a medical trip with a club at from my college. Hopefully you have a short little understanding of me 

Why I am a Mormon

I am a Mormon because… I was baptized when I was 17, but when I was 16 my parents began to fight and my life at home began to become quite a challenge for me to be around. So I started spending a lot of time out of the house driving around, in book stores, getting ice-cream, at the gym. At the same time as I was driving around aimlessly my best friend began to confide in me about the church, he had messages in his phone to pray, and alarms would go off on Mondays when we were hanging out, reminding him to go home for family prayer. His family was so important to him it was exactly how I thought a family should be, all of his brothers and sisters went to his volleyball games, they had family game night where everyone played even 20yearolds. I was surprised my family couldn’t even stand to be in the same room together for more than 5 minutes let alone play a board game. I began to search for what made them so close and so bonded together. I remember my friend telling me it was the Mormon church, so I began to go on lds.org, and mormon.org and watch videos listen to talks, but it wasn’t enough for me, I wanted more truth and more information, but I was really afraid to ask. One day really quietly I got enough courage to ask my friend for help. He was very taken a back at first; I don’t think he realized what an impact his family had made on my life. I went to the Temple visitors center with my friend, walking and learning about the role of families is what my testimony and faith in the church started on. While on a trip to Salt Lake City Utah I was able to learn more about the church’s views on families and how they can be together forever, not just “till death do us part”. After seeing the love and the bond that my best friend’s family had, I know it was because of their faith in the church and because they believed in the power to be sealed together forever I believe this as well.I am a Mormon because I believe that families can be together forever.

How I live my faith

I live my faith: I live my faith by everyday having the hope and faith in my Savior that he will only give me challenges that I can overcome. I pray and read my scriptures, as a way to grow closer to my Father in Heaven, and learn more about him, and to feel his love. I attend church in my students ward at my college, where I hear many testimonies from students from all over who love the Gospel as much as I do. I play in my softball league, and go on a youth trip every Wednesday, while going to fun dances, and doing serivce projects with. I surround myself with people who inspire me to become a better person, and with people who support my beliefs weather they are Mormon or not. I confide in mentors who help me when I am struggling, because I know I don’t have to be alone when I am dealing with a difficult trial. I live my faith by loving, respecting, and considering others before myself.

What is being a Mormon like?

Being Mormon is great. By being Mormon I have come to see all the small blessings in my life, you learn to appreciate the meek and small for great treasures. By knowing the plan of happiness that God has laid out for us, I find happiness easier than I did before I was baptized. You can really see the true joy of the world. Being Mormon is no different than how I lived before, except I am happier, and calmer, because I know my Heavenly Father will help me through any trial that he gives me. Show more Show less