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Hi I'm Steve Marquis

I'm a believer in the Lord Jesus; married my high school sweetheart, engineer, life long Boy Scout & rock climber. I'm a Mormon.

About Me

When I was in High school, my uncle was tragically shot in the spine in the line of duty as a police officer. That event sparked an idea that has never left me and has been an unrequited passion ever since. I taught myself electronics and yearning to learn more, I went to college to the end that I might be able to create artificial body parts for disabled and paralyzed individuals. That remains a lifelong goal. I was also an Eagle Scout as a youth and scouting remains a passion. As a young man, I was plagued by several phobias, such as fear of heights and small places so I began overcoming them one at a time. Now I am a rock climbing enthusiast and have climbed quite a few large mountains. I just returned from a Slot Canyon trip where the walls were so narrow you had to turn the head sideways and exhale just to make progress. I’ve come a long way, but what impels me can be summed up thusly - I do love to sojourn in "God’s territory. I love to engage in conversation of big things, especially the "forbidden fruit" of religion, politics or science and I’m not too timid to show up for a cause with a sign! Though not as entertaining, I'm just as comfortable talking about or fixing cars and such. This may sound weird, but after spending a day busting my brains on electronic puzzles, I actually enjoy coming home to simply shovel some manure for large farm animals; matter of fact I like to quip that one can achieve some strange unity in the universe if you can enjoy that! .

Why I am a Mormon

As a boy we were devout Methodists and my folks had worked in the ministry. I loved reading from the Bible every night. My folks, however, found simple answers to key questions went begging. What is our purpose? Who is God & why should He take notice of us? There were no hard feelings but the minister simply had no answers! A Mormon missionary worked with dad as a fellow engineer in the fledgling nuclear power industry. Mom found the answers she was looking for and prayer confirmed her decision to be baptized. Dad was amazed at how many youth and men would stand up in testimony meeting each month to speak of God’s goodness and grace in their lives- this was simply unprecedented in our former faith. He felt the spirit too and joined. I was 8 years old and my own dad who was just ordained a priest in our new faith baptized me. As teen years and hormones pulled and tempted me I drifted. School was teaching me I was nothing but electrochemical reactions. The world was teaching me to get what I could while the getting was good! I had to know for sure. I was a college student studying math proofs and I did a proof that demonstrated that if life meant nothing after – say the earth was destroyed far in the future or in some great nuclear war, then life meant nothing the day before and by proof it meant nothing today either. Even “eat drink be merry for tomorrow you die” felt hollow – that’s most depressing I concluded – no wonder most folks don’t dwell on philosophy! But there I was looking at that depressing conclusion on the one hand and the promise of Eternal Life, exaltation , joint heirs with God – WOW, what a contrast as to the value of my life! It was clearly worth my effort to seek and find God should He really exist. I read the Book of Mormon's promise and prayed to know God. He answered in a way so profound that the next day I was a new creature, born again and very desirous to share the good news. I knew for myself. I have never turned back.

How I live my faith

Most importantly, through the grace of Jesus, I have continued to improved and align myself with His teachings. When angered or disappointed, I have found solace and enlightenment that has helped me fend off the natural man and helped me to be more like him. In the Bible it says" when He comes, we shall see him because we shall be like him. Without His Spirit to hold me up all the activities and church sermons would be quite useless. On the home front, with my dear wife, we raised two fine boys who like their Dad became Eagle Scouts. I spent most of my adult years ministering to the youth as Scoutmaster, assistant etc. This was a key part of my faith since the Scouting can truly embody the Christian faith; duty to God, others and country. The Scout law is like the 10 commandments; the outdoors program like the refiners fire for catalyzing growth. At home it pervades our selection of entertainment, our contributions to the poor in the community and the world. My Favorite hymn; I know My Redeemer Lives; Favorite Rock song(Yeh child of the 60s!) “Jesus is all Right with me."

Does The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints endorse political parties?

Steve Marquis
The church avoids even the appearance of endorsement and use of phone lists or buildings for political purposes is strictly avoided. They do occasionally speak out on moral issues before the voters but never on candidates or parties. Almost as a proof of that separation, we find two leading but opposing political voices, Gov Mitt Romney(R) and Senator Reed (D), are both Mormon! It just goes to show you how easily man can come to greatly different views yet stem from a common base - Sounds like the debates some folks have on Biblical doctrine! They start from a common base but folks sure can come to different conclusions. While we have a prophet guided by God to keep His church very aligned, until the Lord Jesus Himself returns to rule and reign, such unity is not too likely in the political arena. Show more Show less