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Hi I'm Ashley Ford

I'm a divorcee, a blogger, a singer, a dog mom, a muscle car lover, a Halloween fan, a PCOS fighter, a Patriot, and I'm a Mormon.

About Me

I'm in my mid 20's and I am just now going to college. I got married in my early 20's and am now going through a divorce. My parents are divorced and have re-married, and as a result, I'm the oldest of 10 children in a very blended family. I'm a girl who is referred to as, "one of the guys", I enjoy video games, camping, hunting, shooting, fishing, and 4 wheeling; but I also enjoy my girly things like make up, shoes, home decor, and sometimes being high maintenance with my hair. I am an avid animal lover and activist. I love my little furry family almost more than anything; I have 2 dogs and an adorable kitty. I enjoy blogging and photoshop. I love to sing and have had some amazing opportunities in the past because of that talent. I love all artsy, creative things. I dis-like math, science, and sports and anything even closely related to those.

Why I am a Mormon

I was born into the church. My family was active on and off throughout my life, so, I did not have a very solid foundation growing up in the church. Eventually, I went all by myself between the ages 12 and 14, and I will tell you, that was not easy. Growing up, I never really had any LDS friends because my life was so different from others, that most of my friends were non-members; which made going to church very lonely for me. For some of these reasons, and others not mentioned, I was always jealous of converts when I was younger. Right now, I'm the only fully active member of my family out of the original 5, although I haven't always been active through out my entire life. My dad struggles, but keeps going, and the other 3 are inactive completely. Luckily my step mom is active and my siblings, through her, are active, too. I'm still working on being a better person, but, there's only so much you can do in a day.

How I live my faith

I went from living in an active house with my husband to bouncing back and forth between my mom's and sister's homes, who are not active in the Church. I am grateful I have had a roof over my head, but it's hard being in environments you have little control over what happens in them. While I was mourning my marital relationship, I stopped going to church and lost sight of the Iron Rod for awhile. During that time, I kept receiving promptings to "find healing in music", and I did. The 2013 Fall Semester in Institute changed my life, and I am forever grateful that I followed those promptings. I found new uplifting friends who have helped me to re-find my way and to desire tow be better. I have gone back to church and partake of the sacrament, but, I could improve my visiting teaching and other personal things I should be doing on my own. I have a desire to do better, so, I am currently enrolled in an Institute (religion) class and I try to see opportunities to serve people around me. We are invited to learn and to take on Christ-like attributes. I want to improve my charity and forgiveness to others.

Why is family so important to Mormons?

Ashley Ford
Families are central for all to have a better world to live in. If the family is strong, loving, and stable, so could the world around them. Satan attacks families because if the family fails, so could humanity. My brother and sister fell away and did drugs, drank alcohol, and had children outside of marriage. These decisions do not make them bad people, but, they were poor choices that literally tore my family apart. I don't have an in-tact family unit and it makes me sad because my family isn't that close because of these and other decisions, and I've mourned over the fact that if they don't change for the better, that when we die, it won't be easy for us to see each other often; if at all. Heavenly Father wants us to be happy, if we venture outside his council, we cause ourselves and the people we love, pain, and misery. How much closer would your family be if these worldly addictions weren't involved with your loved ones? Show more Show less