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Hi I'm Chase Stapley

I'm a salesmen. I'm a recovering addict. I'm a Mormon.

About Me

I was born in an amazing family setting. My life was all a child could ask for. For some reason though as growing up my life took a turn for the worst. Certain events that took place changed me and i became severely depressed. Nothing made me a better person. No amount of medication or counseling could change the way I felt. I could be in a room full of people and still finding myself feeling alone. By this time I was in Jr. High and started to live a lifestyle that lead me away from the church. Drugs became my comfort, smile, feeling, family and god. I ended up on the streets, homeless. At a young age of 25 yrs this is how i lived. But there comes a point in this lifestyle when you hit a fork in the road. These choices are death or to change all you now know and do something drastic. I called my mother as broken and alone as I had ever been. I entered a faith-based 13 month long program to change my life. Not an easy task. I knew that my Heavenly Father loved me and Jesus Christ died for my sins, but ran from this for along time. Its amazing how the comfort of the Lord can heal the deepest of wounds and how his love is always there to shine on me in the darkest hours of living. He never stopped loving me and for that I owe Him my service and life. I've been away from the church and even tried to change my faith and run from it, but He continued to reveal Himself through the LDS Church and members. I love who i am today and have strengthened my testimony from the life i lived

Why I am a Mormon

As before mentioned, I grew up LDS. My family are strong members and have never fallen from there faith. Myself on the other hand felt church was a waste of time and I would rather be with friends or watching TV. This was not healthy for me. So as i grew older and started to make the wrong decisions church attendance was the first to go. So for a good 3 years i did not attend church at all. As my life got more sin filled I lost all interest. Now I always believed the church to be true and all its teachings but my lifestyle did not allow me to care about anything else. When the drug use stopped I entered a rehab that got me to question my faith, so I left the LDS Church completely. For about a year I considered myself an Evangelical Christian and was done with the LDS faith. But there was something missing and I could not figure it out. So one Sunday my brother invited me to his ward and I went (reluctantly). It happen to be Family History week and that was the topic for sacrament. During a new converts talk about family history the Holy Ghost hit me like a freight train at high speeds. A simple talk about family history got me to think about my choices with faith and immediately I knew what was missing. I was missing the Restored Gospel! It was as if my life had been a puzzle that was broken up and all it needed was the last piece to become whole. I started taking the missionary lessons and reading the Book of Mormon. I am a Mormon today because I know what its like on the other side of the fence. How alone really feels. But our Heavenly Father and Savior Jesus Christ now the path of our lives and what it takes to get us in his will. For me it took a talk that I didnt want to hear. I am a Mormon cause I have felt his Holy Ghost confirm the truth. My testimony is who I am along with my faith, that is why i am a Mormon.

How I live my faith

Today I live my faith by my example. Not to say words are not powerful. they are actually in my opinion the most powerful things we have. But my example of the church allows a door to be open for people to hear and actually listen to my testimony. I also have never forgotten where my life was 2 years ago. So I show my faith by helping men overcome there addictions. I volunteer my time and the same program that introduced me to my Heavenly Father. One day I will have my own family to share my faith and continue to help others.