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Hi I'm Lee "Ping" Chang

ABC, mission in Hong Kong, BYU, and a Latter-Day Saint (my mom differs on the "saint"....) = Mormon

About Me

I: - love to read, love the outdoors, breakdance, heartily enjoy music, have finished 2 years at BYU, Provo, cook, eat, am now temporarily away from school - grew up in the Yorba Linda area and other parts of Southern California (Mission Viejo), then moved to Arizona in sixth grade - instantly went outdoors crazy. hike alot, cliff jumping, spelunking, all the kindsa stuff. - am passionate about all things music, dancing, writing music, turntablist, video/music editing, classical piano. just listing things here that pop into mind. i *try* to be good at these things....work in progress haha :) I wouldn't call most of the things i do "talents" so much as "interests" because im not so talented at them as much as loving to *try*....forerunner in my hobbies is cooking. i don't look the part but i spend endless hours cooking all sorts of...stuff. luckily i don't really get fat - har.har .I went to BYU provo, where i was involved in the party-planning scene, helping plan the world's largest silly string fight and other fun stuff. - served an unpaid full-time ministry Hong Kong, China where I'm speaking Cantonese/Mandarin/English. - love being an ABC and most of all: - am Proud to be Mormon.

Why I am a Mormon

I was born into the Church environment. My parents joined the LDS church in California after comming from Taiwan and meeting each other in the States. Personal conversion came after many experiences where each time the foundational principles of studying the Book of Mormon, sincere prayer, and "feeling for" an answer have left me with the warm sure fire in my heart, knowing that this Church is true. I have become "tight" with my Brother and Lord, Jesus Christ and love the people around me. My faith is constantly nurtured by the Spirit that guides me to "choose the right." In my life I've been the target of racial and religous hate. Ironically, it has helped me behold the Love of God. I understand that my pain is only an minute grain of salt when compared to Christ's pain. His love for us surpassed all that would have deterred Him from completing the Atonement. He and Father wishes for us to return to Their side. They do not care where we are from, or what we have done. He seeks to mend our present and heal our future. I know that through the infinite Atonement of Christ, we accept His perfecting Grace and we change. I am a Mormon not because my parents told me to be, or because it was expected, but because I believe in the Atoning Power of Christ's Sacrifice. It changes us not for the better - but for the best; and it can only be fully accessed through the absolute true and pure Gospel, which is in the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-Day Saints. That is why I am a Mormon.

How I live my faith

When people ask me, "are you mormon?" I am proud to answer "yes, I am." because I've realized that if they ask if I am a member of the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-Day Saints (the "Mormon Church"), it means that I am living my life in a way that they can tell just from my choices that I could Mormon. If people are *not* noticing, then I should be worried. It is saddening to see that in the world today our person - the individual that we are - is being defined as a thing judged by how sexually appealing we are, how close to the TV characters we appear, or how flashy our certain possession is. We cannot seem to be left alone to our own ideals. All standards are slurring, and the overal moral decay is increasing (I might sound like your mom or dad here....haha) On the contrary, the standards of God do not change. If we live it, we will stand out and when we stand out let us stand tall, stand firm, and stand strong. I try to live my faith by being seeking to be patient, loving, and friendly. I firmly believe, as well as my brothers and sisters in the church, that leading a life that emulates Christ's attributes, is the best way to tell the world we are followers of Him. Wishfully, people will see the blessings of a Christian life and faith and grasp this precious opportunity to gain eternal happiness and the absolute truth.