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Hi I'm Howie

I'm a Mormon.I'm a director for children in the performing arts. I'm a father of four children,one of them lives with autism.

About Me

My wife and I direct children in the performing arts in Western Washington. I believe in the limitless potential of children and the power of the arts to express that potential. I love the look on a child's face when the world is applauding for them. We love travel and learning about the arts in every culture and inspiring children with empathy as they study how cultures express themselves, while discovering their own forms of expression.This ability to express your self is especially hard for our second son. He was born with Autism. He is almost 18 years old and nonverbal. At the beginning of his diagnosis, I stared into a star filled sky and ached for understanding. It could have been a scream, or a whisper,WHY? But I know as we have prayed and worked with him ,answers to that question have come. There are fundamental beliefs in the eternal nature of the soul that have encouraged us through this process. I know that before I came to earth My wife and I lived with all of our children, especially our son with Autism, in heaven as spirits. He was not dealing with Autism then. It is an experience for us here on earth. he will be resurrected someday and we will communicate everything then. Already we have a deep nonverbal communication and appreciation for who he is and is becoming. He has inspired our family to look beyond our own situation and spend our energy in advocating for autism research, to give help to families dealing with it.After all he has limitless potential

Why I am a Mormon

I grew up being taught about the power of Jesus Christ, the power and love of God for all of his children, and the faith and strength of pioneers. However, when I was fifteen years old the world began to open up to me I began to wonder if the teachings of the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints(the Mormons) was true. My mother asked me if I had prayed and asked Heavenly Father in the name of Jesus Christ if it was true. I hadn't. So, I did. I was surprised a little because I did not receive an answer immediately. I went to my parents and told them. They said," Did you get an answer of No? I said," Not really, I didn't get an answer at all." They asked what I thought I should do. I decided to look at a lot of faiths and study them and discover what I believed. I did. It was and still is a rich and rewarding journey. However eventually through my prayers and study, I know that I felt a sweet and undeniable witness to my soul that this was Jesus Christ's church on earth and that He really was the Son of God and Savior of the world and especially me. Through that time and since I have been amazed that no other church asked me to pray and ask Heavenly Father if it was true. They encouraged me to pray of course, but not to know specifically if their church was the way. it seems a bold statement. Later, a friend asked me why I believe in the Book of Mormon if many of the scriptures I talk about my faith are from the Bible. I felt impressed to ask If she believed Adam was a Christian? I was surprised to find she was unsure. Moses? Abraham? Isaiah? Since that time I have asked hundreds of Christian friends and been surprised to find they didn't. I have learned that the reason for The Book of Mormon is to show how merciful the Lord has been from the creation of Adam till now in telling anyone at anytime through revelation that Jesus Christ is the only way back to the Father and to each other. My faith in Jesus Christ's power has supported me my whole life.

How I live my faith

My wife and I have chaired the Walk for Autism Speaks for four years. I teach an Adult special needs Drama class in our area. We volunteer in feeding the homeless, Habitat for Humanity, Special needs clubs and activities in schools. We fund raise for Autism, Special Olympics,Natural Disaster victims, children's hospitals, and encourage arts education. We volunteer at schools, libraries,food banks, special needs homes and many other causes. We work for emergency preparedness in our community and strive to be the Savior's hands to our community as we deal with the pressures of day to day life. We volunteer through our church as well. In Church I help the Men of our congregation have a support group to face life's demands on marriage and family. I organize activities to strengthen them as they try to strengthen the world. The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints has given us the opportunity to give help and support throughout the world. It has put us in personal contact with those in need from Denmark to Chile, The Philippines to Brazil. These opportunities enrich every member's life. It has given us rich friendships in the greater Seattle area and around the world. The place I am trying the most to become a better disciple of Christ is in my own home. I try everyday to improve on being patient and loving to my wife and children.We have two songs that are taught to the children in our church,Where love is there God is also,and I'm trying to be like Jesus. I am trying to implement this and be more like the Savior everyday with my family. I don't always succeed ,but that is the great thing about repentance in following the Savior! Life is always about learning and improving or choosing to stagnate. I try to be a disciple as I teach children in the arts.I love watching them imagine, dream, and sing their hearts out. Empathy is a special gift of drama. Life is a dance!( You Tube" springtime is sunshine" to see three of our family videos to songs I wrote.)