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Hi I'm Julia

I grew up in central California in a large Mormon family.Though life can be tough, I have a very happy and satisfying life.

About Me

I loved growing up in a large Mormon family where I learned very early in my life to pray to my Heavenly Father who loves and cares about my well-being and desires to aid and strengthen me all throughout my life. As a little child, I can remember praying for help in finding lost items (like shoes) and then immediately having thoughts come into my mind of where to look. As I saw that God cared about little things that I needed and would answer my prayers, my faith that He was real and had interest in me grew. I have continued to receive impressions and guidance throughout my life through prayer. I am a woman of faith in God. I am married and have four children who are now grown up with families of their own. (14 Grandchildren) I have been able to be a full-time homemaker all during my married life. While I do not have children at home, I have found that mothering never really ends, it just changes. I love all things about making a home and building family relationships. I have had a chance to start from scratch on settling a home about 25 times. (My husband was in, and then worked for, the military.) I like organizing a home, decorating, cooking, canning, sewing and gardening. I like to grow and press or dry flowers and make handmade paper. I also enjoy needlework and other arts and crafts. I love to read self help books and learn new things. I have been chronically ill for 24 years and I feel blessed and sustained. Illness has been a teacher, a tough one, but effective.

Why I am a Mormon

I was born into a family who were already members of the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-Day-Saints for several generations. I was told the stories from the Bible and the Book of Mormon from a very early age. I was taught that living the way that Jesus modeled was the way to find happiness and build and enjoy satisfying relationships. My parents were good examples of trying to live in this loving way and it was easy to see that though life can often be difficult, it is made much easier by keeping God's commandments and having faith in Jesus Christ's atonement and all of the blessings and power available through that great sacrifice. I wanted to be baptized at age eight to follow the example of Jesus Christ in keeping all of the commandments of His Father in Heaven. I wanted to have the security of being part of God's kingdom forever,so I could return to His presence after this life. I wanted to have all of my sins washed away and to commit to continually try to live my life in God's way. I wanted to have the Gift of the Holy Spirit to be with me always, to help, comfort and guide me through life. I continue to be happy that I made that choice. I make lots of mistakes and often come short of being as Christ-like as I desire, but I know that as I repent, I am forgiven and I can try to learn and be better. In the meanwhile, I can be at peace knowing that God will never give up on helping me along and He is pleased with all of my sincere efforts. I feel His love and I am strengthened by the power of His Holy Spirit. I find it so helpful to be part of an organized religion where I receive additional insights and support from others who are seeking the same goals and value the teachings of Jesus Christ and the committment they have made to follow Him. We are able to understand and strengthen one another.

How I live my faith

One of the things that I like about belonging to this church is that there are so many varied opportunities to provide service on a regular basis. I started teaching four-year-olds on a weekly basis when I was sixteen years old. I taught simple bible stories and concepts of God's interest in them. I remember spending many hours coloring and cutting out pictures of Noah and the animals and the ark to make flannel board stories. I have received a great deal of training as a teacher through many many years of opportunities to teach children from nursery age to adults. It's been a great learning experience for me in preparing to teach and then listening to comments and thoughts of class members during the actual class experience. I have found that the scripture Mathew 18: 20 to be true. It talks about where two or three are gathered in His name, He will also be there.(His Spirit) I love belonging to a church where we have opportunities to teach one another and discuss scripture and how it applies to our lives and be taught by His spirit as we gather in His name. I also like having the opportunity to vist 3 women regularly in their homes, that I am assigned to watch over, and in turn I have a couple of women who do the same for me. It gives me an opportunity to go into their homes, or have them come to mine, and get to know them and love them in a way that I don't get a chance to do just seeing them at Sunday meetings. I have built so many sweet friendships and received much needed help over the past 39 years that I have been involved. I have also had opportunities to work on church welfare farms, harvesting grapes for raisins, or collecting nuts in a church owned orchard and also working in a cannery processing tuna fish to prepare food to go to those who were in a time of need. I have also had a chance to be on another end of that process as president of our church women's organization in my local area, helping families to obtain the food they need.