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Hi I'm Sally

I'm from Southern California but got sick of the traffic. Now I enjoy 365 days of sun in Arizona. I'm a Mormon.

About Me

I love to play the piano and have studied since I was 8 yrs old. It's challenging and frustrating at times but I love it! I'd also like to learn how to play the organ one day. One of my goals is to learn how to play the opening fanfare from the Phantom of the Opera on the organ with the foot pedals and everything. That's going to take some work. I studied chemistry in college and although I enjoyed making compounds and playing with volitile chemicals and finicky machinery, I followed my other interests towards business. I earned an MBA and am working on which direction I'd like to take it. I am pleased to annouce that my wonderful husband Benjamin and I are going to have a new son soon. Those of you who know me know I swore I'd never have kids but we both felt like it was the right pathway and right time. He still doesn't have a name but he certainly has a personality in the womb. From what we know of him thus far, I can tell he will be a wonderful addition to our family and to society.

Why I am a Mormon

I was born into the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints but that's not why I'm a Mormon. It was during a phase of youthful rebellion that I found myself feeling spiritually dark and alone inside. It wasn't an overnight event but happened gradually as the setting sun. One day, I realized that I'd become unhappy and no earthly distraction could make it go away. There weren't enough parties with friends, songs on the radio, nice clothes and shoes, or fun places to go that would make this emptiness disappear. I look back and realize that many people in the world try to fill themselves with these temporary distractions in an effort to keep from feeling this spiritual void in their core. Maybe that's why alcoholism and consumer debt are such issues...? I was feeling spiritually sad one day and decided as a last resort to pray. I think spiritual sadness is different from emotional sadness. Emotional sadness is temporary and passes with the next emotion that comes along. Spiritual sadness lingers and feels like a weight dragging your heart downwards. It also doesn't truely go away even though many try to ignore or cover it up with a smile. After praying, I felt lightness inside and a deep piercing love from our Savior entered my soul. He isn't called the Savior for nothing. I wasn't alone and knew that he wanted me back despite my bad choices. This feeling was temporary because I instinctively knew that I had to change my ways if I wanted this wonderful feeling inside back permanently. It took some effort but I regained the peace I wanted. The first steps were to pray and go to church. From there, there were people who guided me towards what I'd given up: the happiness, peace, and warmth of Christ. Now, I feel spiritually light as a feather inside and my smile comes from a genuine place of peace known as the true Gospel of Jesus Christ. I found this true Gospel in the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints.

How I live my faith

I live my faith in Jesus Christ by trying to be like him as much as possible. This means following his commandments and trying to model his good attributes and actions. For example, Christ was patient and loving to all, even to those who tried to tease him, call him names, or even kill him. Thankfully, I live in a place where I don't fear bodily harm, however, there are times on the freeway when I wish my car was a monster truck and I could run over people at will. This usually happens during traffic or when I'm running late. Bad drivers also irritate me and I could stick my head out my window and easily yell some insults. I am proud to say I've never used foul language. There are many more creative ways to communicate. Four letter words are for people who can't think beyond 4 letters. Anyways, I have to remember that other drivers are also important to our Heavenly Father and that he loves them, driving flaws and all. I then try to imagine how Christ would act and maybe that's why I'm not in jail for wreckless driving. I also try to model Christ by my responsibility or "calling" at church. I play the piano in the Primary organization for children 4-12 yrs old. Christ loved little children for many reasons. Does Sally love little children? That's more of a stretch. Yet, as I've played the piano on Sundays for children to sing along to, I've had the opportunity to observe so many positive Christ-like attributes in children that it helps me overlook the fact that they can't sit still. It helps me remember qualities like faith and charity (the pure love of Christ) that I want in my own behavior. These positive behaviors help bring my own behavior closer to Christ's and that brings peace and happiness to my soul. There is a wonderful, unmistakeable feeling that is even beyond happiness. It is pure joy. That joy only comes when you know that you're living a righteous life in accordance to what Christ has set forth. I never want to let go of that feeling again.