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Hi I'm Jon

I am a short guy with a love for people. I work in Real Estate and I truly get excited when I am able help people. I'm a Mormon.

About Me

I am a short guy with a love for people. I wrestled in High school and loved every second of it. I learned the value of hard work then and oddly enough I enjoy work now. I love working with my hands and feeling tired at the end of the day. Some of the smaller moments and hobbies I really enjoy include: Snow boarding, going to the lake, College Football, Thanksgiving Football, BBQ's with friends and family while watching Football, date night with my wife, doing things I have never done before, going to fun new places, the great weather in Arizona, walking around the block with my wife talking, and spending time with my beautify wife. All in all, I love being happy and helping others.

Why I am a Mormon

I grew up in a Mormon home but there came a time when I needed to know for myself if The Church of Jesus Christ of Later Day Saints was true. I was approaching the age where I would be eligible to leave home for two years and teach the Gospel to anyone that would listen. As the decision came closer I felt the need to know if the outrageous claims were true. I had the opportunity to go to Utah and meet an apostle of the Church. I was able to look into his eyes and shake his hand. I listened to what he had to say and there came into my heart a feeling I had not yet felt in my life. It was a feeling of reassurance that he was a true representative of Jesus Christ, just like the apostles of old. This helped me to decide to serve a mission. It was on my mission that this small seed blossomed. I lived among the people of Ecuador for two years eating their food, living in their homes, speaking their language and serving their people. I was faced with what seemed like every possible doubt or bad thing anyone could ever say about Mormons. This caused me to study and learn in a way that I had never done before. As I prayed about what I learned things happened in my heart that I just cannot explain in a blog but I gained a conviction that is as real as the sun. I came to know it was true. From that time forward I literally saw miracles on my mission. I discovered poverty on a new level and saw that the poorest were often times the happiest. I saw people’s lives change in how they treat their family by living the Gospel. I saw the toughest people shed tears as they felt the joy that comes from the gospel. As I tried to represent Jesus Christ and his Gospel I found that I became a better person. I observed that living the gospel made you happier. The experiences I gained from this two year adventure among the people of Ecuador changed my life and continues to shape my future. I know that Heaven is real and that Miracles happen. I know the Church is true.

How I live my faith

After my mission, I was able to go to India and help teach children in an orphanage. We built benches and tables, taught them health and English and again I had the opportunity to serve these wonderful children. I saw how much children yearn to be loved and how much they appreciated our being there with them. I learned how precious children are to God. To lighten the heart of these children made an impression on me that is impossible to forget. Through my mission and experiences of service like I had in India, I have developed a passion for helping people. Whether it is a person on the side of the road or a friend that just needs to talk, I love the feeling that fills your heart when help others. This feeling seems to melts away the cares and stresses of the world and all you feel is peace and happiness. In the regular rigmarole of life, between my regular job, family life, church responsibilities and everything else, I try to live the gospel with a friendly word, a kind act of service, and just living each day the best I can. I am also living the gospel by being a loving husband and preparing to be a loving father. In all my experience across 3 continents and 7 countries I have found that starting a family is one of the greatest joys we can have. As a young couple expecting our first child we find so much joy in preparing our home for the new addition. We both look forward to a bright future by raising our family with gospel principles.