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Hi I'm Norman

I'm Norman the Mormon. I love learning and serving: getting an education, serving a mission, and teaching school for many years.

About Me

I still love my memories as a youth in Arizona, even though there were few active Mormons in my school. My family and church were my strengths. After junior college, I served a two-year mission in Arizona and California. This is when I had more opportunity to know the variety of people and beliefs. When I finished my college work, I taught school, mostly elementary, in Arizona, California, and Utah for 38 years. I learned that not all kids are kind, and that there is a better way to maintain order. I have enjoyed tutoring kids and adults in reading. As a young man I got interested in family history. Now I serve others in this effort, plus searching for correct information on my ancestors and relatives. The more I learn, the more I realize my ancestors were real people with personal challenges, as well as, daily hard, routine work. During my college years I was drafted into the Army, serving as a typtist in Baltimore. I met my wife at church in Washington, D.C. Our family consists of two girls and three boys who are now mature with children and grandchildren of their own, except one son who died in a day. One son has since died of cancer, leaving a wife and two daughters. Since two of our children and their families live near us, we have frequent, happy times with them and keep in contact with the others. We have several grandchildren and three great-grandchildren. Since retiring, I have enjoyed more time with my wife who is an ardent reader and nutritionist.

Why I am a Mormon

My most memorable experience occurred while riding a bus from college to home, musing over the gospel teachings I had had in junior college LDS Institute that year. Every principle fit into a reasonable whole, forging an unforgettable feeling: of course, it's true! Heavenly Father doesn't help us grow by making our decisions for us. We learn responsibility to become more like Him. Jesus is our example. Scriptures are the written word of God. Prophets remind us of our promises to be obedient. My parents were wonderful examples of being obedient to Christian teachings as taught in church. We had family prayer, private prayers, attended Church without fail, served in Church callings and enjoyed the association with other fine people. Working with my father in his dairy business as a retail driver, I learned his passion for honesty (handling money was no temptation), service (taking a pint of cream to a customer across town when they forgot to order it), compassion (losing money owed him was disappointing but not devastating and he was called frequently to the county hospital to bless the injured.) Although the dairy failed after 25 years, the family had been raised doing honest work--the more important goal.

How I live my faith

The Church has given me continuous opportunities to serve. I learned to enjoy finding ways to bless others. As a twelve-year old I remember with fondness (now) cycling up and down the hills in our town to collect fast offerings or delivering tickets for our church play. When we helped build our new chapel, I pulled weeds and cleaned up after the carpenters, etc. I learned respect for the clean, new building because of it. In school I wanted to share my beliefs, but everyone was already "pigeon-holed" into their respective groups. On my mission it was about the same, except that when we encountered people at the door, we gave them a chance to re-think their spiritual position. The experience helped me to learn how to voice our beliefs based on what I knew in my heart. I think most people were hesitant to make a change in their lives, not knowing what they were turning down. Once a week I have the opportunity to interview inmates at the county jail nearby. If an inmate wants an interview, we talk about his plans to avoid returning to jail, employment, helpful habits, faith in Jesus Christ, belief in and steps in repentance, mental attitude, etc. He has an opportunity for us to bless him. He nearly always is humble, has great intentions and expresses appreciation for our service. It is amazingly uplifting to witness their renewed commitment to make the most out of their lives going forward. When I married my wife, I knew I had made a decision for eternity. She was solid in her obedience. That was what I wanted. We have followed that principle as much as possible with our children. We meet together with all the family who live close enough every month for a Family Home Evening. We hope the rock-solid principles will help our children to make right decisions.