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Hi I'm Erin

I'm a wife, a stay at home mom, and I'm a Mormon.

About Me

My name is Erin. I have been married for more than nine years. My husband has been a blessing to me throughout each day. We have 2 young children and are expecting our third child early next year. Being a mom can be a challenge, but I know it is the greatest blessing. Being a mom helps me grow closer to God. Before I became a mom I worked at a grocery store in many different positions. My last position before leaving was as Bakery Manager. I worked for 8 years, from the time I was 16. I wasn't able to go to college, but I am so grateful for the job I was able to have. It prepared me for many things. I use many things in my home that I learned from work. I don't have any main hobbies, but I love to learn new things. My great grandmother, grandmother, and mother all were very good at sewing. It is something that I have started to do and have found that I love it! I love to organize and find new ways to make my house a home.

Why I am a Mormon

I grew up attending many different churches including the Catholic church, Mormon church, and the Methodist church. I was baptized into the Mormon church when I was 8, along with my mom. We attended for a short time, but soon after stopped going. Throughout my teenage years I would sometimes attend the Methodist church, but not frequently. For a time I think I was atheist. I didn't understand who God was or if there was a god. After I moved away from home life became somewhat lonely and I lost direction. I made some poor choices for a little while and ended up moving back home. I later moved in with my dear friends grandfather. He had an extra room and was glad for the company! Months before that I had gone to the doctor and he told me that I should read the Bible. He told me to start in John because it was his favorite book. So, in the room where I had moved to I found a Bible. One night I picked it up and started reading in John. Something happened that night that had never happened before. I finally understood that the events in the Bible actually happened. I felt that Jesus was real and that his life upon this earth was real. It was such a great feeling! I couldn't put it down. Every night when I came home, I would read for hours. I read every night for 3 months. I even investigated going to another church. One night, while at my mom's, I was about to leave when 2 young men about my age showed up at her door. A friend of her's from church had brought the missionaries over. My mom told them I had been reading the Bible so we started a coversation. I asked them what their church believed that others didn't. They told me about the apostasy and about Joseph Smith. They told me about the first vision and about the restoration of the gospel of Jesus Christ and asked if I could believe. I knew without a doubt at the moment that it was true! I continued to learn about the church and it's teachings. 10 years later I still know that it is true!

How I live my faith

I am grateful each and every day for my faith in Jesus Christ and in his gospel. It has given me a purpose that I never had before. I love that instead of doing for ourselves, which is the message the world is sending to us, we have been asked to serve others. Jesus was the best example of that. For the past 10 years I have had many different callings in the church. But, for the past three and half years I have worked with the young ladies that are age 12 to 18. I have also worked with young children. Each time I work with the different age groups it gives me a love for them that I never had before. Visiting teaching is a program where 2 women are asked to look over a few other women and make sure all their needs are being met each month. As women have looked after me and I have looked after others, it has been a huge blessing to me. Members of my family who don't have this in their lives have really been impressed by the way we look out for each other in our church. Being a member of this church has made my life more meaningful. I have come to believe that all of us are important. I am more aware of my neighbors, where I wasn't before. I try to be a better sister, daughter, wife and mother. I'm constantly trying to do not only what I want to do, but what the Savior would want me to do.

What is a “testimony” that Mormons speak of?

A testimony to me is a personal witness that God lives, that Jesus lived and died for each of us, and that I can see them again one day. I also have felt that Joseph Smith really did see God and Jesus Christ and that he established God's church upon the earth once more. I haven't met any of them, but I know that they exist. No one told me in my ear, but I have felt in my heart and in my mind that these things are true. It is enlightenment that can only come through the Holy Ghost that "testifies" of all truth! Show more Show less