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Hi I'm Sarina

I'm a Mormon. A happy single mom of 6 and we love the outdoors, playing games, and cooking. I am a also a student.

About Me

I love to spend time with my children. We love to play games. we love to camp, hike, swim, jog together, mess around, dance randomly, cook together, work together, etc. pretty much, like to do everything together. Life is hard enough trying to learn how to do things on your own, why not involve those closest to you! I am currently a CNA (Certified Nursing Assistant). I want to be able to help more people. My kids don't realize it yet, but they are soon to become my guinea pigs, Ha Ha. They are going to help me practice the CNA procedures and will be learning them as I practice. It will be fun and I'm positive they will love playing with the Bp cuff and the stethascope, Ha Ha. We live with my parents and relly enjoy the time that we get to have with them, even if it is in front of the T.V. watching a movie and eating popcorn and homemade candy (yummm). My kids are the absolute best in the world. They are so good at being strong and showing their love for each other when times are really hard. They are learning well how to deal with stress and the struggles that life has in store for us. I am grateful to be their mother! I wouldn't have it any other way!

Why I am a Mormon

I am a Mormon because I have always felt the spirit with me. Don't get me wrong, I am in no way perfect, but the few times that I have wondered from the church (because of personal issues), I have felt a hole in my chest and a lonliness and a thirst that could not be quenched by anything that the world has to offer. I finally realized just how important I was on one cold night in November of 2006. It was right after my first divorce. I had stopped going to the church at this time. My depression had gotten really bad and everything was wrong. I was driving home that night from partying and was listening to one of my most favorite and uplifting songs. My children were gone at the time. I stopped into a gas station to get a hot drink and was gonna go home. Some guy and his friends wanted to take me with them to another party and I respectfully declined. After they pressured me a little I left alone anyway. Something snapped in me and I turned my car around and went to a lake nearby. I had planned on jumping off of the dam into the lake and drowning myself. I got to the middle of the dam and took 2 steps toward the edge and then suddenly my feet stopped and I couldn't move. I tried so hard to move and couldn't, then out of nowhere, I could hear my children crying out for me. I couldn't understand how because I knew that they were nowhere near me. Then my feet were loosed and I could move gain. standing there on the edge of the dam I stepped back understanding that I had no right taking my own life when I had four beautiful children that depended on me to be there for them. A couple weeks later I became pregnant with my 5th child. I still struggled for a few months to get the whole suicide idea out of my head, but with the power of prayer, scripture study, and the preisthood blessings, I was able to overcome my depression and became a better mother and person. Since then I have continued to battle, but I am still chugging along and doing my best to raise my children.

How I live my faith

I live my faith by doing verything that I can to serve those around me. I love to make meals for the Missionaries and for the elderly couples. Sometimes I feel like they could just use a break from the tiresome tasks of ever day life. I love to help out in the church. Right now I help to tech the nursery children (18 months to 3 years). They are lots of fun and tehy bring so much diversity into the classroom. I am also a member of the metting committee. We put together programs and classes that the sisters can come to to learn different things that they may not know or to just have a night out and enjoy a little something different. I visit teach 3 sisters. They are absolutely wonderful women. They set a wonderful example for all of us and I am grateful for their love. I do my best to show respect for every one around me. I find it very hard to be there for people when we are constantly judging, so I look at people and fid attributes that I think they might like to have recognized and I share it to the best of my ability. I am also in the ward choir. I love to sing and love to use my voice with others in the choir to help lift the spirits of those who are listening. I do my best each and every day to help my children to see what I do and to help them to achieve these things in themselves so that tey can also be the best that they can be and help be good examples and support for those around us who may just need a moment of someones time. Sometimes that's all it takes to help someone up off of the ground! "Charity Never Faileth" is the motto of all of the women in our church and I try to live by it every single moment of every day and night.

What is faith?

When you have fith in something, it means that you believe that it is there even if you haven't seen it. To believe in the sun een when it isn't shining. To believe in Love even when you are alone. To believe in someone even when they are at their worst. To believe in God even when he is silent. There are many things that we all believe in even though we don't have actual, physical proof of their existence or ability. Faith and hope are strong attributes that everyone has, but doesn't always realize it. Show more Show less