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Hi I'm Kaonu

I am Hmong-American. I grew up in UT & NC. I am a Physician Assistant. I have volunteered in Thailand & Laos. I am a Mormon.

About Me

I love to play volleyball, travel, watch movies, and shop. I love to spend time with my family and friends. My husband and I enjoy playing ping pong and have a ping pong table in our home. We enjoy playing bridge with his family. We love to travel and have been to many countries. The ones we've seen together are : Costa Rica, Mexico, Thailand, Laos, and China. We have yet to travel to: Japan, Argentina, Brazil, France, and Germany. We also travel a lot in-country, and when we're just home...we don't watch much tv except for So You Think You Can Dance 'cause we love dancing. I grew up in UT and went to small-town middle and high schools in NC. I attended Duke, Carolina (UNC-Chapel Hill) and earned my last degree at ECU, which was a BS in Physician Assistant Studies. Since then I have been practicing as PA in pediatric urology. I have been with Children's Urology of the Carolinas for 6.5 years. I am blessed to have the best boss to work with. On a weekday, a typical day is 9-12 hours at work, a commute home, work out at the fitness center, dinner, then work on the computer or read. On Mondays, for Family Home Evening, we sometimes play ping pong, card games, or board games. Weekends...we're out of town a lot visiting family and friends. But wherever we go, we find a church to go to, even if we're at the beach. We have a hamster and would love to have lots of kids soon. I grew up in a family of 5 and still wanted more siblings. I love my family!

Why I am a Mormon

My family icame to the US as political immigrants from the Vietnam War. When they arrived in CT in 1976, a Catholic church sponsored us. We are still very close to our Catholic sponsor family and keep in touch. Most of my relatives ended up in UT, so my father moved us there to be with them. Having been through war and family separation, he wanted something to keep our family together and something to keep us on the right path...to grow up well-disciplined, obedient, diligent, family-oriented, honest, and charitable. He met a pair of missionaries and asked them to teach him about the gospel. We joined the Church when I was about 6-8 years old. I was baptized at 9. As a child, I went to church because my family did. And even when my parents couldn't make it to church, I went because my siblings and/or friends did. It was the thing to do on Sundays. But growing up and understanding more about the gospel, I loved going to church on my own. I was very active in high school but fell away during college. It was then during college, PA school, and my first few years working that I had a taste of living life without the gospel...and it was also then that I had my darkest moments and made my worst decisions. Then I met my husband, a convert to the church as a teenager on his own. A return missionary and an obedient son to our Heavenly Father. He inspired me to tap back into my testimony of the gospel. I reevaluated my standing in the Church and found ways to improve...to truly live the gospel. I love it! Nothing brings me more happiness than the peace and hope that our Heavenly Father promises us. I'm a Mormon because the teachings from our Church make me happy...and it's an eternal happiness, a happiness that includes returning to live with my Father in Heaven and to be able to live with my husband and family forever. I'm a Mormon because I believe that all this is possible through the atonement of our Savior Jesus Christ. He loves us so much!

How I live my faith

I don't have a calling at the current time but look forward to having one. Previously, I was the secretary in Primary, which is the Church program for children 3-11. Since I don't have a calling right now, I know I should be especially diligent with my visiting teaching. I have 3 sisters on my visiting teaching route and do my visiting teaching monthly. I try to visit them at their homes at least quarterly. I make an effort to get to know them so they will trust me. During the visits, my companion and I pray with them, prepare a gospel message to discuss with them, and see how we can serve them. There have been times when I visited them at the hospital or took food to them. I also pray for them and become a friend to them. I live my faith in everything I do. I make it known that I am a Latter-Day Saint, which enourages me to live up to it in my thoughts, words, and deeds. My faith has definitely influenced my decisions and actions. I am honest in dealing with others. I find ways to serve those in need. I try to be more tolerant and patient and forgiving. I stand up for those who are made fun of. I cheer up those who are sad and lonely. Instead of putting others down, I lift them up. I compliment. I pray for those who are mean to me. When appropriate, I share the gospel. As long as I maintain a close relationship with the Lord by going to church weekly, going to the temple monthly, keeping the Sabbath day holy, keeping my baptismal and temple covenants with Him, praying, reading the scriptures, servingothers, and so forth....I know the Spirit will always be nearby to protect me and guide me. I believe in the Holy Ghost and have felt its presence around me. My faith keeps me going. My husband and I are struggling to have a family. Despite this trial, we know our Heavenly Father loves us and will never forsake us. He has a plan for us and our future family. We trust in Him, and we accept His will. We will always be a happy couple.

Are Mormons Christians?

The official name of our Church is: The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-Day Saints. If you read it carefully, the words "Jesus Christ" is in the name of our church, meaning that Christ is the head of our church. What we live by today is through His teachings. He continues to teach us through our modern-day prophets, currently President Thomas S. Monson. Joseph Smith was a prophet just like President Monson. Joseph Smith was a prophet in the 1800's, instrumental in restoring the gospel to the earth. Joseph Smith is not the founder of our religion...again, Christ is the founder of our religion. The Lord loves us and would not leave us on this earth without a prophet for our times, a prophet for our needs. Because He loves us, through righteous men such as Joseph Smith, Brigham Young, Thomas S. Monson, and many others, He has inspired them to guide us and to warn us. These are all righteous men called by God (not elected by men) to serve us. They do not claim to be founders of any religion...they claim to be witnesses of Christ and preachers of His gospel. Show more Show less

Do Mormons only help Mormons?

Since Christ is the Head of our Church, we live by His teachings. He has taught us that one of the best ways to show our love to Him is by serving our fellowmen. We enjoy serving others whether they are members of our Church or not. Because we are taught to be self-sufficient, such as organizing food storage, we are more enabled to help others. We are generous with sharing our knowledge and success stories. Around the world, our Church has responded to many natural disasters. Members of the Church have donated billions of money and time to aid victims of these disasters. Within the Church, all of us who have a callling (duty, position, assignment) do so as volunteers except for those who work full-time for the Church in Salt Lake City. Our bishops (equal to priests/ministers/preachers in other churches) serve whole-heartedly. We fulfill our callings teaching Sunday School, working in the youth and children programs, working in the library, working in the family history center, and so forth. We have service projects to help people move and to visit the sick. We go outside our church and to our community to clean schools and parks. We love to help everybody! We do so because we love our Heavenly Father, our Savior Jesus Christ, and our brothers and sisters. Show more Show less