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Hi I'm Katherine

I'm a software engineer, a mom, and a Mormon.

About Me

I'm a full-time software engineer at a startup based in the Boston area. I didn't start out to write software for a living—I have a master's degree in French, and I was going to be a French professor. But life takes twists and turns, and one of them landed me in software development, which I had always done on the side but never considered as a career. I love what I do; I get a lot of satisfaction from building software people use and love. As much as I love my work, the real joy in my life comes from my family. I'm happily married with two young children, and it's a delight and a privilege to be their mom.

Why I am a Mormon

When I was born, my parents knew they wanted to raise me in a Christian church. They just weren't sure which one. My mom was raised Presbyterian, and my dad was a lapsed Catholic. They had a testimony of Jesus Christ, for which they were grateful to their churches of origin, but they couldn't accept all the doctrines they'd been raised with. My mom was especially uncomfortable with the idea that a loving God would send his children to hell just because they'd never heard of Jesus Christ. But she also knew Jesus said baptism is necessary for salvation. When they first heard the restored Gospel, they were a bit skeptical that this "weird" church could have the answers they were looking for. But the more they learned, the more they realized that there was something here they couldn't ignore, or laugh at, or walk away from. They were baptized into the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints six months after the missionaries knocked on their door. I was almost three years old when my parents were baptized. I first read the Book of Mormon when I was twelve, and I've never been able to doubt that it's true. It's the bedrock my testimony of this church is based on. If I walked away from the gospel and denied my faith, somehow I would still have to explain how an uneducated farm boy was able to produce this book, which speaks so powerfully of Jesus Christ and his gospel. Most of my friends are nonbelievers, and although they do their best to treat people's religious beliefs politely, I think they find it hard not to scoff at the idea that God lives and speaks with his children. I understand their skepticism. But I know differently. I've felt the spirit of God confirm to me that he loves me and wants my happiness. It's a witness I cannot deny. I wish I could better express the joy I feel in knowing that the God of heaven is my eternal Father. It's the same love I feel in my own family, but on a grander scale, and it brings the same kind of peace into my life.

How I live my faith

I supervise my congregation's Primary organization, for children ages 3 to 12. It can be a chaotic way to spend a Sunday morning. Sometimes I check Twitter after church and see my friends just getting started after a lazy morning with coffee and the Sunday paper. Sometimes I would love to spend a lazy morning reading myself. But it's infinitely more satisfying to know I'm passing on the knowledge I have of the Lord and his Gospel to his children. They decide for themselves at eight years old whether to join his Church, and they decide every day of their lives whether to live as his disciples. I hope my example can help them choose the things that will bring them happiness.