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Hi I'm Celeste

I'm a wife, teacher-in-training, dabbler in all things creative, and I'm a Mormon.

About Me

I'm a recent college graduate, searching for my dream teaching job while enjoying my time at home with my husband and two puppies! I love the creative process, and any time I can bring something new and beautiful into the world I feel more myself than ever. I love to read and write, craft, sew, crochet, cook, and make music. My family, especially my husband, is my world--I LOVE hanging out with them all, and am lucky enough to still live in my hometown so I get to hang out with them a lot! I'm nobody special, really...but I like to think my family, friends, and dogs still love having me in their lives. :) And I have big plans for the future, including teaching elementary school and raising a family...I just can't wait to make those goals happen and to make a difference in this world! Meanwhile, I'm mostly just trying to find joy in the journey and leave my little corner of the world better than I found it.

Why I am a Mormon

I was born and raised in The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints, so I think I just sort of always knew that I had a Father in Heaven that loved me and a Savior whose grace made living my faith possible. But when my parents divorced when I was a teenager and many of my family members stopped going to church, I really had to decide for myself what I believed and how I wanted to live my life. After a LOT of prayers, many of which were answered by people the Lord placed in my life, and after studying the word of God for myself as found in the Bible and Book of Mormon, I felt the Spirit teaching me who I really was and what I was meant to do. I know without a doubt that the Lord has a plan for each of us, individually, and that He guides us along that path as much as we allow Him to. I've had a lot of setbacks in my life, with poverty, health issues, and battles with depression, but every time I start to feel alone and in despair, I know I can pray to feel the love of my Heavenly Father. And I have seen miracles in my life that help me to know my Savior, to have a personal relationship with Him. I can't imagine making it through this crazy world without that vision, guidance, and support. As far as being a "Mormon" as opposed to any other Christian religion, the gospel of Christ as taught in His restored Church just makes sense to me! It's a house of order. There are no questions that cannot be answered through its teachings. I love that it's up to ME to learn as much as I can and become the best version of myself; taking personal responsibility for my life and my faith allows me to grow into the person I think Heavenly Father wants me to become.

How I live my faith

I'm still learning how to live my faith each day, but my goal is that at the day's end I can say that I am "an example of the believers, in word, in conversation, in charity, in spirit, in faith, in purity." I may not go around teaching people explicitly about the gospel, but I know that a lot of people have had misconceptions about the church straighten themselves out because they know me and know by my example that we're not so strange after all. :) I'm lucky to have had various opportunities to serve in the community, and I've chosen a profession of service, which I do because I know the potential of human beings in God's plan and how integral *learning* is to *becoming* and *overcoming.* I know that we are all brothers and sisters, and so we have a responsibility to love and serve everyone around us. I also get to volunteer in service to the church--most recently, I help plan biweekly lessons and activities for girls aged 8-11 that help them find pride in their heritage and divine nature as daughters of God and develop talents that will help them serve others. Through prayer and gospel study, I strengthen my faith each day, and trying to live that faith proactively keeps me too busy to get into a lot of trouble. :) It also makes me happier than I would be without it.