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Hi I'm Stacy

I grew up in Californa, married a good man and have 5 beautiful children, i love to sing...I'm a Mormon.

About Me

i'm a 36 year old woman who has been married for 13 years! i have 5 kids who challenge me daily. they are great and they are spirited and i love them with all of my heart. motherhood is something that i have always wanted and it's something that i have been so lucky to be blessed with. i always KNEW that i would be the BEST mom, having said that i have realized that i am far from a perfect mother. i'm learning every day how to nurture these people and hopefuly raise them to be great and amazing adults. i don't always make them healthy meals or make sure that they are in their PJ's when they go to bed at night, i don't always know the right things to say to help them feel better infact sometimes i say completely the WRONG thing. they have tought me how to be forgiving and gentle. they have tought me about the many other sides of me that i could have only known in this calling of mother. the same goes for me as a wife...i'm not the best but i think he loves me anyway!! :) i am learning all the time to stretch and grow and sometimes it is painful but the lessons that i learn far exceed the hardship of the trial. i am always amazed at the person that i see when i look in the mirror...because she is a far cry from who she started out as. she is much heavier, she has wrinkles around her tired eyes, etc. but most importantly she is STRONG!!!!

Why I am a Mormon

i was born and raised a member of the church of jesus christ of latter-day saints. this i know is a blessing. having this as a foundation in my life has absolutly shaped and molded me into the wife, mother, daughter, sister, friend that i am today. it does define me in many ways. i must say that even though i was born into this church i have had to gain a testimony of my own. i think that we all at one point or another question what we're doing and why. that's what i did with my religion. it's easy to just follow what your parents do and make their life your life but for me i wanted to really know why they chose this for their life and mine. i knew that going to church felt good and that the things that were being taught felt true and that the people that i was surrounded by were great people with high morals and standards. i like to think that even if i wasn't raised in this gosple that i would still be a good and moral person. i feel that that is what my spirit always wanted. i knew that this was the life that i wanted but i wanted to know why. prayer and scripture study are the only way to knowing for yourself that the things that you are being taught are true. i didn't just follow the leader, i came to KNOW why this life was what i wanted for me and my future family. i can't imagine going through this life without the amazing support and guidance that being a member of such a large and loving church organization can provide.

How I live my faith

i have been so lucky to have callings at church that haven't always been my idea of fun!!! the good news is most of these callings i learned to LOVE!!!! i say most because some of them made me down right uncomfortable. let me give you an example of one. i was called to be the chorister of our ward! i didn't know how to lead music so standing up in front of hundreds of people waving my arm around was very scary to me, i never did learn to love this one. hahaha! i have had wonderful opportunities to teach the youth. i LOVE teenagers!!!! i have taught in the nursery (that was hard :) ), taught music to young children and been a primary teacher. i have LOVED the opportunies to do things that take me a bit out of my comfot zone and see how each calling has made me grow!