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Hi I'm Mark

I'm from Central Indiana. I was in the U.S. Marine Corps; I'm a loving father, I've had A.I.D.S. for 24 years, and I'm a Mormon.

About Me

Although I've lived in Indiana most of my life, I have also enjoyed living in Hawaii, Utah, Washington, and Texas, Military service and vacations have taken me to many other U.S. States, and other Countries as well. Everywhere I've been, a "Mormon" meeting house and Temple has been nearby. Meeting with other "Latter-Day Saints" at these places has always been joyful experiences, as I have ALWAYS been made to feel welcome and loved the moment I enter the buildings. It's also been great, knowing that if I'm away from my home town, that the same Lessons and Gospel teachings are being taught everyplace I go. I suppose it's odd calling it a hobby, but I love to sing. Whether I'm at Church, or singing in theaters, or even a local kareoke, It enriches my soul knowing that even one person is made happy, by my singing. I have been so blessed with a daughter who has remained a righteous daughter of Heavenly Father. I know that as I have tried to live the Gospel in my life, that she has seen, and learned how important it is, attending Church meeting every week. By teaching children the difference between right and wrong at home and at Church from an early age, has made it easy for me, and my family to make the right choices and decisions whenever temptations or challenges arise.

Why I am a Mormon

I was born in a family of Roman Catholics, and attended a Catholic elementary school. By the time I was a senior in high school, I had decided to spend my life, in religious service, as a Catholic priest. Yet, one afternoon, while I was inside of an office building, I was killing time looking at the menu board of the various businesses therein. Tabled in the listing was the name of a church I had never before heard of. The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-Day Saints. What?? In an office building?? So I thought I'd venture. As I walked into this office, I saw a young man behind a desk; with short hair, he was clean shaven, clothed in dress slacks, a white shirt, and a tie. He asked if he could help me. I responded, "I want you to teach me everything you can about your church." Who said that? Did those words really come out of my mouth? Why did I say that? I had aimlessly walked into the Office of the Indiana Indianapolis Mission. During the following days and months, I learned of Mormon beliefs, The Book of Mormon, and The Plan of Salvation. I Studied, Pondered, and Prayed. Never before in my life had I received such a burning in my bosom. The Holy Ghost, literally answered MY personal prayers, touched MY heart, and testified unto me, that The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-Day Saints; is TRUE. Since that moment, no matter how difficult life might seem, my every day is filled with Joy. What a blessing God has given me. YOU too can have such a blessing.

How I live my faith

Being a Latter-Day Saint is much more than being a passive spectator during Meetings on Sunday; it brings the opportunity for having a lifetime of service to others. It is also true that being a Latter-Day Saint is not easy. From Baptism, until after death, Latter-Day Saints are a Covenant making people. One of MY goals in life is to inwardly apply and outwardly act, upon the Doctrines and Principles of the Restored Gospel. I have found some ways to make MY life happier. Visiting the homes of Members AND Non-menbers of the Church, to Watch over, Be with, and Strengthen the persons and families I visit. Donationg time at the Bishops Storehouse by collecting needed foods and supplies for the needy; AND by delivering these items throughout Indiana. I am blessed with the opportunity to select, conduct, and direct songs and singing in a meeting every Sunday, and Supervise others who do the same. I try every week to take the full-time missionaries to the homes of new members AND Non-members, where we can teach and discuss the Gospel of Jesus Christ in it's fullness. It is important to me, that I can attend Mormon Temples, where I learn of matters of Etenal importance; and make important covenants for myself, for my family, and for others who have already passed into immortality. At home, Prayer brings the opportunity to learn, and to be grateful. Personal prayer at my bedside each morning and night. Prayer before personal and family scripture study. Prayer before every meal. Family prayer every night in the living room. Prayer before studying for Sunday School and Auxiliary lessons invites the Holy Ghost to teach me the doctrines I need to understand, and testify to me, the truthfullness of the Gospel. Setting aside 2 hours each week on Monday evenings for the family to meet together, is a great opportunity to discuss various principles of the Plan of Salvation, time for recreation and dessert, and openly discussing concerns of each member of the family.

What is The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints' attitude regarding homosexuality and same sex marriage?

All people; men, women, and children; are created and loved by Heavenly Father. Since the time of Adam, everyone faces various temptations and challenges in their life. 1500 years after Adam's creation, the entire earth, became perverse, and all the wicked, were destroyed in the well known account of Noah, and the great flood. In the year 2500, while in the wilderness, the hand of God gave Moses the Pentateuch, and the 10 commandments. Through ALL generations of time, we have had council and warning from God, endless blessings as we do as He bids us; and punishment for our abominations. Yet, God's judgment is fair, just, and merciful. The laws which are made by mankind are fickle. They care not of the teachings of eternal significance; but only for the pleasures of a few moments in time. The truest significance of reality, has never revolved around such arguments as being born with a sinful nature or not. Since the time of Adam, Our Creator has given us the promise, that no matter what temptation befalls us; that we each have the strength and ability to resist that temptation. A person might suffer a temptation their entire life, yet they may still attain total righteousness, by avoiding and refusing to succumb to that temptation. Do not turn your head away from God's love for you. No matter what our past has behind us, a pathway has been made, for every person to achieve eternal life. Obedience is not always easy, but it is always worth it. Show more Show less