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Hi I'm Juanita

I'm a Mormon. Wife, Mom, Grandma, Business Owner, Author and Natural Health Counselor. I love ministrering and using my talents!

About Me

I grew up in a very poor disfunctional family environment; and had no family goals. I only wanted to be successful and rich. I did not trust anyone. My car needed repairs and the mechanic asked me out. He said on that date he was going to marry me. Told him no such future laid in my plans. Little did I know the saving turn developing in my life. We did marry and I found The Church of Jesus Christ of latter day saints 6 years later. The ladies became examples and teachers for me to help develope a wholesome environment for my family. We had 3 children, including twins and I was very much depressed and overwhelmed in not repeating history. The programs and people helped me learn to forgive and accept the challenges I grew up in, as opportunities. I can touch others lives and let them know there is hope and hurts do heal. This ministry developed into a health food business, after much study and tutoring. People call me a workaholic, however, in actuallity my hobbies are all avenues of my work. As an herbalist, I strive to have a hobby farm and work at being self sufficient. I love to teach; both at church and at seminars. Now I also write and continue to share my knowledge for health not only for people; also for horses and dogs. It is amazing when you use the talents and gifts that God bestows upon you - more and more windows of opportunities continue to open. My favorite season is the fall and my favorite Holiday is Thanksgiving. Counting all my Blessings!

Why I am a Mormon

I grew up catholic. After getting married I studied with several religions that had not broken off of the catholic church, I believed something new had to be formed. My cousin returned home from the Army and was totally different. She gave me a book of Mormon and said this was why. I read this book and was very moved. However, I was very cautious in my move forward. I studied with the missionaries and attended weekly Sunday meetings for 2 years. I loved the spirit of this small group of people and was amazed that I had to travel 40 minutes in rural Indiana to share and learn. It was so fulfilling and uplifting. I knew what I was learning was true and that the Book of Mormon was a record of the ancient people of America. Several times I wanted to be baptized, but my Grand-mother was freaking out. Then, one day while studying the New Testement in our Gospel & Doctrine class a voice behind me said have Bro. H. baptize you. I turned around and know one was there. A couple minutes later the voice repeated it's request again. I looked behind me and no there wasn't anyone sitting there. I sat there and pondered my position. I did believe in the Lord, I did believe that thru the attonement of Jesus Christ, all the anger and sins of my past had been forgiven. I did believe that the Book of Mormon was a true record, and that Joseph Smith, did receive revelation to find and translate the records. I did believe that Peter, James and Paul visited with Joseph Smith to restore the Holy Priesthood back on the earth in its true form. I did believe that this knowledge was transforming my life and allowing love and trust to grow again. Why was I not taking the step to be baptized and claim this as my faith? Disfunctionality - I went up to Bro. H. after class and asked if he would baptise me. I later learnt that Bro H joined only a year before-I started attending, and I was the only opportunity for him to use his priesthood authority to baptize before passing away.

How I live my faith

So, I live in one community, work north in another community and attend church south in yet another community, in rural Indiana. My world is filled with travel and many people. At home, I support local fund raisers and the yearly festival, and pta carnivals. Up north at work, I have gotten a farmers market going, raised funds for the youth groups, sponsor the youth dance at the yearly festival there and sit on chamber and tourism boards. But, my involvement down south is my most rewarding in eternal perspecives. I have many opportunities to teach the young children the stories of Jesus and help them learn how to use and cherish the scriptures. In the ladies groups, I love to learn new skills and projects or help our elderly or particiapte in group activities and functions. I have been asked to at least monthly check on four ladies to bring them a spirtual message and fellowship with them. I am amazed at the friendship that has developed with these ladies as I pray for them in my daily prayers. To know of their needs and concerns, The spirit has many times prompted me to call or visit at just the right time. Following the guidlines and request of the leaders has brought such joy and blessings to my life. Beyond my wildest dreams! My faith has been the foundation to my wholeness and health. And the joy I receive from my children and grand children is like admiring the flowers in a garden. Knowing that as trueth is taught and shared, the work will continue thru the generations!