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Hi I'm Alex Banks

I was Born in Cheshire, England, I love to Rock climb with my friends, I loooove to laugh, there is nothing better. I'm a mormon

About Me

I'm 21 years old and loving life. I come from a family of seven, two siblings and two step siblings, me and my parents. I now live in Knutsford in Cheshire which is new to me and i will enjoy exploring a new area. I love to hang out with friends and have a laugh and have been known to try and get everyone i meet to come climbing with me as that is my sport. I believe that to be a true friend is to be willing to sacrifice what you like for the people you love and that is something i will always aim to do. My family and friend are definitly the most important people in my life and i hope that i am the kind of friend they would like to have. I love Theatre like a fish likes the sea. I have been blessed to be a part of many different performances though out college and outside in theatre groups too. I have always felt that it is an amazing way to express who you are. It helps me to be more out going and has increased my confidence. Meeting new friends is kind of like a hobby for me as i have always been fascinated with how unique people are. In the whole world, when you meet an individual you can say with absolute surety that there is no one like them any where else and you had the privilege of meeting that one of a kind person. My firends are most definitely important to me. They Keep me sane and are one of the reasons i am where i am today and who i am too. I am now serving a full time mission so that i can bring people the same happiness that was qiven to me.

Why I am a Mormon

Why am i a mormon? I wasn't always a member of the church, neither was i what people would call religious. I had some what of a belief in God but nothing that drove me to be good. When i was in college i reached a point when i started to ask myself what is the point. Why am i bothering with all this when really i dont know whether it will be worth anything in the end. I really felt as if i had no purpose to speak of. Many people had told me about God and their church and how it made them happy but none of what they said made any sense to me. Many people reasoned with me about it but it did not sound like God. I wasn't even searching for a religion but it seemed that it was evidently going to be a big part of my life. after about a year in college i started to meet members of the church and out of all the people that i had met they were the ones that stood out to me. There was something different. Eventually i asked to see missionaries and the teachings of the gospel were made plain. Suddenly things made sense. There was a purpose to life and It was told to me by God through sincere prayer. It was shown to me that the Gospel is simple. It is a relationship between a child and their father. It is about a father helping his children come home. I then knew that God was definitely there. He had answered the prayer in my heart. I knew who i was, what i needed to do and i then had the drive to do it. I have never been happier than right now!!

How I live my faith

I believe that everybody is basically good. Everybody has faults some bigger than others and some more visible than others but under that will always be some desire, big or small, to do good. The way that i live my faith is to try my hardest to pay heed to the good that is within me. I personally feel that from the worlds perspective i would be seen as a good person but i also know that there are many things that i need to improve on. Bit by bit i want to improve and the model that i aim for is that of my savior Jesus Christ. He is the one that has set the bar for me and he is the one who is there to help me reach that goal. A quote that i heard recently inspired me to try to achieve this in a particular way. "be the change you want to see in the world." We often complain about things happening in the family, the country, the world and very often we wonder why no one does anything about it. It is my goal to be the change i want to happen in my world. I know in this life i can never be perfect but i know if i continually correct myself and follow the commandments more closely every day, then i am on the right path and maybe the world wont change completely by just my actions, but i know that my world would definitly change for the better. I am grateful for the opportunity for change... i am grateful for my savior.

What is the priesthood?

Alex Banks
The Priesthood is the God given Authority to act in Gods name. Its is Given so that we may perform the ordinances that are required of us to return to him including baptism, the gift of the Holy Ghost and others like these. Through using the priesthood we can can bless the sick using consecrated oil especially blessed for that reason. It is a sacred office Given by God and can only be given by someone who already holds that authority. Show more Show less

Why do Mormons believe in the Bible?

Alex Banks
The Bible is a sacred record of Prophets dealings with prophets in ancient Jerusalem all of which testify of Jesus Christ. He is the centre of our faith and the bible shows us of his life, example, miracles and atonement. The old testiment contains much valuable information about the typification's of Christ and the prophecies of his ministry and of is second coming. All revelation from God is valued in the church and although we believe in a canonized scripture or in other words, that there is continuing revelation like the book of mormon this does not discredit in any fashion existing scripture or revelation. The bible is the word of God and so is inspired through prophets. Show more Show less