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Hi I'm Doug

I love everything great about Indiana and write about what works well for businesses and government here. I’m a Mormon.

About Me

I’m all about hope. I always have seen the world as a place of joy, peace and abundance as well as sadness, fear and want, where the human condition becomes more favorable in proportion to the willingness of people to apply reason and heed intuition. This outlook is cheering and sobering. It moves people to action for their individual well-being, for the benefit of the others in their lives and for the common good. Responding to all of this in a balanced, sustainable way with compassion for the less fortunate and with a love for the work as well as the rewards of life keeps us happy and sane. Jesus showed us the best approach to this. It takes faith, hope and charity, and for me, hope leads to faith and charity. Without ever making a conscious decision about it, I think I've made it my personal mission to maintain a bright sense of hope in Christ and to help support that in as many of my fellow travelers in life as possible. In addition to the scriptures, God sent messengers and established his church to help us live his teachings as best we can so that we will be worthy of additional help from him, which comes in the form of the guidance and companionship of his spirit. I love learning and I love sharing what I learn in a way that can be of the greatest benefit to the most people. This applies to things of a spiritual nature and to everything else that is good, uplifting and worthwhile. Everything good that is obtained or achieved in a good way can help inspire hope.

Why I am a Mormon

I was baptized into the Lutheran faith as an infant, but I only attended church there a couple of times with friends as a teenager. I grew up in a small college town where my dad was a math professor. He is a wonderful man who does what he can to make the world a better place and to see the best in people. He has a deep appreciation for Christian values and would like to believe in God, but he has problems he can’t get past with the Bible. My dad never really elaborated much on the reasons for his agnosticism because he wanted Christian values to help shape my character and outlook as they had helped shape his. But as a teenager, I found some agnostic friends very convincing when I studied their beliefs along with a number of Eastern religions, Mormonism, and several mainstream Christian faiths. There are plenty of reasons to conclude all religions are a product of wishful thinking. But, the Book of Mormon promises God will verify its authenticity if readers will ask in prayer whether it is what it says it is. I found this promise to be true. Praying about the Bible produced the same results. Through this experience I learned that God hears and answers prayers and I gained a testimony of Jesus, the Bible and the Book of Mormon.

How I live my faith

I try to be a good father, husband, friend and relative. I try to be fair, kind and tolerant and to see the good in people, give them the benefit of a doubt, and treat them the way I would want to be treated. I tend to stand up for underdogs and obsess on good causes. My prayers are filled with gratitude for my wife, my son, my daughter-in law and all the other people in my life, as well for the many blessings I receive and for God’s grace and tender mercies. I never pretend to myself that I’m alone. I accept and embrace the fact that Heavenly Father is with me constantly and has an opinion about everything I do and say and think. At the beginning of each day I thank him for the opportunities that are ahead and go over my plans for the day, requesting any help where it looks like I’ll need it and requesting help for others where it looks like they’ll need it. At the end of the day I thank him for his help with it, go over long term plans, then evaluate how the day went in terms of living his gospel and following my conscience, and I acknowledge anything I need to correct or learn from and discuss any aspects of the day where we may have had differences of opinion. Discussing my differences of opinion with Heavenly Father helps harmonize my will with his, which increases the influence of the Holy Spirit in my life, to the extent that I’m not too willful and stubborn to heed his guidance. God covenants to bless us with his spirit to always be with us as we covenant to always remember and follow his son. Doing my best to always remember and follow Jesus fills my life with meaning even when I seem to notice the challenges that come into it more than the blessings. And I deeply appreciate his constant reassurance and companionship. When my discipleship is going well and I feel my heart is in harmony with his will, it brings the joy and peace I believe we were created to experience.