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Hi I'm Eli

Grew up in good ol Colorado & Texas.

About Me

I'm a father of 3 kids and I have been married for about 10 years. I love my family. My best friend really is my wife. I love playing with the kids. When I am not working, I am hanging out with my fam. I have a garden, though it is usually run over by zucchini or mint that someone planted years ago and I can’t seem to get rid of it. I am constantly in battle with weeds in my yard though in recent years I have been winning. Have worked and volunteered outside of the US a few times. I worked for a nonprofit organization that assisted to help communities and individuals in developing countries on a path to self sufficiency. I loved working with people in different locations and cultures. Seeing their vibrant spirit and hope in the face of adversity has inspired me to try to be better and more grateful. I now work and travel solely in the US which is good because it allows me to spend more time with those that mean the most to me, my family. I do hope to one day return to some of those projects and countries.

Why I am a Mormon

Growing up in Colorado & Texas gave me a good perspective into different paths of life. I watched family, friends, and acquaintances trek through their different paths. I was searching for a path that would lead to being at peace with myself and truly happy where, In those quiet moments with just my thoughts as a companion, I could feel good about myself, and what I was doing. As a child I remember a few simple prayers as I asked Heavenly father to help me find my lost shoes or something, and then I would be guided until I found them under the bed or some other place. This was miraculous to me as a child. Thinking about that today leaves me in greater awe. The builder and architect of worlds without end and He sends me, a child, help with such insignificant things. Later in life I found he sent greater guidance to find what I was really looking for, happiness, peace, and true joy. One instance while out with some old friends, I saw them partying and indulging themselves in all sorts of things that I thought were a determent to living happily, but I was not yet sure of this. To me, they actually looked very happy and were having a good time. One night I simply asked them, “are you happy with your life?” Perhaps they were and I was missing out. I sincerely wanted to know. All of them said that they needed to change their life by moving away from bad friends or substances. None could say they were happy. That struck me. Later that evening, I was alone in my car pondering the experience with my friends. I told myself I would continue to pray and follow what I felt Heavenly Father wanted me to do. At that moment, Heavenly Father answered one of my prayers. I was blessed with a peace and joy as never before. The experience was one of many that helped me know with certainty that Heavenly Father hears and answers prayers. That Jesus Christ walked the earth & lives today, & that The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints is Christ’s church upon the earth.

How I live my faith

I am a scoutmaster with the young men in the church I attend. When I was initially asked to help in this area as the scoutmaster I remember my stomach sank within me. I was a subpar camper and was not very good at most scout activities as a boy and I could not help but think of the dozens of more qualified men that could better fulfill this responsibility. I asked if there might have been a mistake in the assignment as there was another person with my same last name. I was assured that it was me that was supposed to lead this group of boys. I accepted with fear in my heart. Obviously, Heavenly Father knows me better than I know myself. I am not sure if I have enjoyed an assignment more. Perhaps this is because their age and my maturity level are probably too close, but in seriousness, I can’t spend time with the young men without having fun or feeling good about what I am doing. I am constantly in awe of what great guys these are and can’t wait to see what is in store for them in the future. They are great examples to me of followers of Christ.