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Hi I'm Stephanie

I am a dancer. My sport is volleyball. I love the culinary arts. I'm a Mormon.

About Me

I lived in Germany as a little girl and traveled, with my parents, to many European countries. Traveling gave me a wide view of the world and I sometimes think about what life might be like for one other person in another city. Later, my family moved to a tiny town in New Mexico, to be near extended family. FAMILY is a central theme in my life. My parents come from a humble, working background; farmers, ranchers, people who loved this land and instilled in us a patriotic and active lifestyle. I try to pass this to my own family by encouraging a love of the outdoors and physical activities, teaching them about our ancestors and the old fashioned values that help keep us grounded and thinking about others more than ourselves. My husband and I have 4 great kids that keep us busy doing the busy, active things that families do. We have great friends and enjoy our church family. So much of our life revolves around the youth programs that keep our kids busy and connected to good friends and give us an outlet to share our own talents and abilities. When there are Cultural or Artistic presentations to be given you will find me in the middle, creating dance numbers, singing, making costumes either for the kids or for me, since I still love to get out there on stage and express my love for life through music and dance. I guess I could describe myself as a "Happy" person. Not much can get me down, even the rain is proof that the trees and the grass will be green for me.

Why I am a Mormon

My family tree is filled with devoted members of our church, there are records of their lives and their church service. At the very young age of 7, my Primary class teacher was helping to prepare our class for the opportunity to be baptized as members of the church. She taught about Joseph Smith's visit from God and Jesus Christ, when he wanted to know which church to join. We learned that he was later visited by an angel, named Moroni, who showed Joseph plates made of gold, on which were engraved the records of an ancient people, here in the Americas. After receiving those plates, Joseph translated them into the Book of Mormon which we have, today. Our teacher challenged each of us to pray to find out if Joseph was who he said he was, if the Book of Mormon was really the word of God, written by ancient prophets and provided for us to read in our day. I remember that I kneeled by my bed, as my mother had taught me, and asked my Heavenly Father about Joseph Smith. The response came to me subtly and with a feeling of joyful gladness that filled my heart with a confirmation that has stayed with me until now. I know that my Heavenly Father hears my prayers, cares enough about me personally to make sure I know of His love for me and that He helps me with the little and monumental events of my life. This sure knowledge was a foundation on which I have built my spiritual life. My favorite day of the week is Sunday, when I get to go to church, teach the 12-13 year old girls in our congregation and fill my spiritual cup for the busy week ahead. I chose to serve a Mission for our church, being assigned to the Sao Paulo Mission in Brasil. Another opportunity to meet and teach fabulous people, share the message of the Gospel of Jesus Christ and that His church has been restored to the earth. I witnessed the change that comes over good people as they embrace the good news of the Gospel. We are trying to follow Jesus, become more like Him, better every day.

How I live my faith

My main focus right now, is to be where my kids are, helping them do what they need to do. My friends are in the middle of it with their families, too. Sometimes, our conversations turn to the difficulty in raising kids, but more often, about the influence of the media, music, fashion, busy-ness and perceived expectations that pull our kids in so many directions. I have been able to share my values and standards that seem simple and concrete, because I have had them since our children were little. So, when issues come up now, I don't have to wonder or waffle, because our kids already know what our answers will be. We have a small book that we use, called "For the Strength of Youth". It contains a list of standards that is written in plain language, easy to understand, that explains why each value is important for success and happiness. Some topics are; Agency and Accountability, Gratitude, Education, Friends, Dress and Appearance, Entertainment and the Media, Language, Dating, Sexual Purity, Repentance, Honesty, Sabbath Day Observance, Service to Others, etc. Scripture references are included, so that God's law can be read in its original text. This book has been a source of strength to me, it is like having a manual to help in raising kids, and I have heard the request for such a thing, many times. I appreciate the foundation my parents gave me, when I was young, eliminating many difficult experiences in my own life. I was taught to never smoke or drink, avoiding the addictive nature of those substances. I never had to worry about being picked up by police, because my standards helped me to choose friends and entertainment that were upstanding and in the light. We did not have to hide or fear. Now, as I teach the youth, I can share my own experiences, values and standards. I find that I must speak emphatically, because the counter messages of the world are loud and constant. Our youth are in a battle for their lives. I am on their side.