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Hi I'm Kim

I'm a Religious Studies Major studying Native Religions & Isaiah, wife & mother of 8, Citsuwa'ani who is grateful to be a Mormon.

About Me

I am a seeker of truth, an analizer, ponderer , mom, grandma, scriptorian, a late in life college student . Born in a small Indiana town , my loves as a child were climbing, riding bikes, playing in the woods, and going to school... in my teenage years I became a bible lover, band player, swimmer, lifeguard, babysitter, corn detasseler, Presbyterian and member of The Rainbow Girls. My mother and Native grandfather died when I was 3 1/2 years old.... that changed my life and that of my siblings forever. I have never stopped missing them...even to this day, but even without much relgious upbringing I was absolutely sure they were not gone altogether. My father remarried when I turned 4 yrs old to a woman that never loved me. During my years at Purdue University, I began searching for answers to questions deep within... why was I here? , how did I come to be? and what was life like for my mother in heaven? Was she even in heaven? ( I was told she had commited suicide) I prayed to know what God wanted for me. I attended a variety of church services but left them feeling a void. During my search, I stumbled onto the Book of Mormon and purchased a copy. After having read it, I knew with certainty that it was scripture from God, just as the Bible was, and it made so much sense to me that God would speak to a variety of people around the earth, rather than one select group in a small area of the world. The more I read and learned, the more Mormonism made sense.

Why I am a Mormon

After having purchased a Book of Mormon and having learned of the vision that Joseph Smith had had and having taken a challenge from the missionareis to read 3 Nephi chapter 11, I walked to my dorm and started reading... as I finished reading verse 11 my heart filled with such light and love and I knelt down and asked God if this was His book and if Jesus came to people living in America? My mind and heart were immediately filled with indescribeable light and love. I knew from that moment that the Book of Mormon was an ancient translated text and it was the word of God..scripture... like the Bible. I was filled with such joy because of this knowledge, but more important, the knowledge that Jesus Christ is the Only Begotten of the Father and His redemption applies to my soul and His love and understanding reach to the deepest yearnings of my heart. If the Book of Mormon is God's book, than Joseph Smith is His prophet, and the Church of Jesus Christ of LatterDay Saints is Jesus' church... not a church formed by a minister, or an evangelist, or a council of elders, or a congregation,... but Jesus Christ himself. I was baptized a week later and after 34 years, when I kneel to pray.. I can still feel that love and sure knowlege burning in my mind and heart and know of His tender abiding love for me...He is the one I worship, and the one I can trust.... and when the storms of my life have beat upon that rock... it has never failed. I am a Mormon because Jesus Christ wants me to be one... a member of His church... His servant and His disciple... I am a Mormon because being one is helping me become the person He desires me to be;... humble, respectful, thoughtful, compassionate, intellegent, and giving ....a better wife, mother and friend.

How I live my faith

Mother Theresa said, " There are no great acts... just small acts done with great love." "Putting His love into action.... that is the goal." " If you live in a castle... If God puts you in a castle,... than you serve Him in the castle.... if He puts you on the street...well than you serve Him in the streets....Not that you put yourself in the castle,.... but that God put you there...whatever He asks you do it... that's what you do....you will know" This is how it is in Christ's church.... we are called by Jesus Christ to serve in various areas of His church and kingdom... we do not ask for our assignments,... we do not get paid for our service... Jesus Christ reveals to us individually and as leaders where we are to serve and when we accept a calling or assignment from Jesus Christ himself.... then we know that with His help we can accomplish whatever we are asked to do. I have witnessed miracles as I have accepted a task and asked God for help in accomplishing it. God knows what callings I need to chip off all my rough spots and make me a more polished shaft for his quiver.... so for 34 years I have served in many callings.... but in all of them... more is returned to me than I have ever given away..... that is the way it is with discipleship. Jesus desires of us full allegence and for this He blesses us with everything that He has. I feel God's love for all His children .... I want to share His love with those I meet. I have a long way to go, but my hope is grounded in the gospel of Jesus Christ ... the principles He taught... His love and Healing power rooted in His atoning sacrifie for me....I love Him with all my heart and long to be found a recipient of His trust.

Why don’t women hold the priesthood in The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints? How do Mormon women lead in the Church?

I believe there is a misunderstanding by some that women in the church do not exercise authority in the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints because they do not hold the Priesthood. Every Church congregation (or ward) has a ward council which discusses and implements the various activities of that congregation. Every one of these councils has 2 or more women who are activily engaged in creating and implementing changes, bringing forth new ideas and solutions to various aspects of the wards functioning. These women are very influential and exercise the authority granted to them by Jesus Christ to bless and influence those of our faith and others for good. These women serving on councils all over the world do not hold the Priesthood... they don't need to in order to be powerful voices and influential leaders in the functioning of Christ's church. Show more Show less