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Hi I'm Chase Guerlain

I'm a Mormon.

About Me

I grew up in Oregon in a family of five. I am the middle child with an older sister and younger brother. My parents took us to several different churches, the Episcopal Church, Presbyterian Church, and I even went to Catholic school for a while. I never felt any of the doctrine to be moving insprational or true. I felt religion as a whole was created by the educated man "kings" to instil the fear of God into the uneducated to force them to pay taxes or keep them enslaved. As man grew more wise and science could explain that no golden chariot pulled the sun across the sky, religion and God were a mere fairytale and waste of time. I felt that if I live a good life and be a descent person, that was all anyone could hope for in this life. I have been married twice and have four kids. I was an alcholic and an angy individual. My life was not going as I had seen it as a teen. I thought I could handle anything.. Not so. I sobered up in Aug, of 2000 and became a "responsable" parent, with custody of my 2 kids and getting remarried. With my loving wife we have a blended family and have four children total.. Life has been good but hard. I raised my family to be Athiest as I felt there was no "all powerful" being or God... I was so wrong...

Why I am a Mormon

One spring day in 2011 I heard a loud "Bang" while I was working. I felt an unexplainable urge to go to the aid of strangers who were in dire need as a car crash unfolded before me. A mother lie dying and her young daughter was in great pain from severe head trama. I gave aid to the girl as my friend assisted her mother. We did so until help arrived. Days passed and I could not explain why I did help and how I felt. I went to the hospital to visit with the mother. She told me two angles we taking her to Heven and she heard a voice, "everything is ok your kids are fine". She and her daughter recovered and are well today. My friends of faith assured me I had been called of God that day to serve and help those in need. Still I denied it, yet I could not explain it myself. Days if not weeks passed and I continued to struggle with the who and why of what happened. And it came to pass "knock knock" on the door. two missionaries were standing before me and I was intrigued to hear what they had to say. For the next few months I went to Church with them and with my other friends of faith. I continued to have strong "feelings", the spirit they say, "uh Huh" I say.. I began to read The Book of Mormon and felt the same as when I was at Church.. strange I thought. I was encouraged by my friends and the Missionaries to pray.. I could not. How could I pray to what I knew was not true...One day while meeting with the Elders..the "feelings" became so strong I could not contain it in myself..They urged me to take the leap of faith and ask God to show me the truth. I knelt down, as a child before God.".God if your there Help me be the man you wish me to be" in an instant my life was changed. I fell to the floor crying and shaking. It was the greatest most terrifing experiance of my life..God was Real. He was In Me. That day I drowned in God's Love. He answered my prayer and showed me the truth. I was a fool and I was wrong. . Thank you God for the truth I love you.

How I live my faith

Today I am a new man. I am a child of God. I am an instrument for him to use. Fast and Testimony Sundays have become a very inspirational part of my life. I share with others, as they do with me to the truthfulness of the Gospel and of our savior Jesus Christ, the restoration of the Church and the plan of Salvation our Heavenly Father has made for us. I truly am a changed man. I thank God every day. I read scripture daily and pray continually. I was babtised and confirmed. I received the Holy Spirit and he walks with me and guides me every day. Life has become so calm and I owe it all to God. I have received a calling from God to be a ward "church" missionary where I can share the Gospel with those who need it most.. the sheep who may be lost and not know it.. I was one of those sheep and I was shown the way home. I hope to inspire those who inquire of the Lord and help them.

What is faith?

Chase Guerlain
I asked God to show me he was real.. for the truth.. He did and I knew him before I new the gospel. I have "faith" in God I know he lives and now I am learning how to live the way he want me to. "God is enough" Show more Show less