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Hi I'm Dale

I live in Edmonton Alberta; I play guitar/sing; I'm a member of The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints; and I'm a Mormon.

About Me

I was raised in a different church; but, felt deeply there was something missing in the beliefs, and doctrine it taught. I prayed and asked God to sent someone to me and tell where it was; I asked that He would sent someone to my door. A short time later, some Mormon missionaries knocked on my door and said they had a message about the gospel of Jesus Christ. There is a statistic stating that for every one thousand doors the missionaries knock on, only one will allow them in, listen to their lesson discussions, and be baptized. My wife and I were baptized in June of 1981 in the Sherwood Park Alberta Chapel; two weeks later our two children were baptized. I am so grateful to hear that the missionaries knelt down that morning, and asked God to lead them to the right street, and right house, where someone was ready to hear the gospel message in it's fullness. Two years later my wife and I were sealed For Time and All Eternity in the Alberta Cardston Temple. Today, I work full time as a barber in a very busy barbershop. I enjoy entertaining people with my guitar and singing old songs from the 40s, 50s, and 60s. I visit senior centers, lodges, and hospitals and play my music; I also write and arrange my own songs. I have an online LDS radio station. I spent a lot of time making ads, playlists, and carrying out general duties in running such a project. I hope it will progress from a hobby, to a full-time project when I retire in a few years.

Why I am a Mormon

I'm a Mormon because I love the doctrine that The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints teaches. It sets a pattern for me to follow each day, so as I do the best I can each day, I realize it is possible to achieve goals that otherwise would seem unreachable. I have prayed to our Heavenly Father and received an answer that Joseph Smith was a true prophet of God; he did indeed have a vison of God the Father and Jesus Christ. I am a Mormon because there is no other church that has the same priesthood that the Apostles had when Jesus was on earth. There is no other church that teaches me how to be a good father, husband, and good citizen; to be a good neighbor, and be all-forgiving, patient, and serve everyone with a good and cheerful heart. I am a Mormon because I some day want to be like Jesus, and sin no more. I know that the Book of Mormon is scripture, just as The Bible is scripture. I am a Mormon because I know that it I am a child of a loving Heavenly Father; and Jesus is The Son of God, and The Promised Messiah of the Old Testament. He has restored His church, and Priesthood Authority, to the earth through the prophet Joseph Smith.

How I live my faith

I regularly visit families in the church and teach them basic gospel principles; if needed, I help them meet any spiritual or temporal needs they may have. I teach Sunday School and Priesthood lessons; and enjoy the brotherhood among the membership, and the regular social activities. I do daily scripture study and prayer to try and keep the spirit of God with me constantly. I set goals on how to better myself as a husband, father, citizen, and Latter-day Saint; I review these goals on a regular basis. I don't always succeed as I would like to; I have a lot of faults, and goof up daily; but I see each new day as an opportunity to repent of my short comings from the previous day, and start over. I do my best to see opportunities to serve others, in my circle of friends, neighbours, and in my community. Again I don't succeed as I should; often I am selfish and ignore those promptings because I would rather do something else; but I am striving each day to overcome this. I do my best in being honest in all things, and dealings with my fellow man, to the fullest. I try to live a life of optimism and do whatever is necessary to correct what is wrong in this world so I can look forard to a better tomorrow for my children, and grandchildren. I live my faith by looking for opportunities to share what I know about the restored gospel to others; every member is a missionary. I attend church weekly to take the sacrament and renew the covenants I made when I was baptized. I study the inner-meanings of the gospel lessons that pertain personally to me, and my progression to be a better disciple of Jesus Christ.