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Hi I'm Heather

I have lived in Utah and have been a member of the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Saints all my life.

About Me

I am a mom of four beautiful children, two boys and two girls. I love music and enjoy teaching music to my own children. I am a music therapist. Growing up with music all around me I knew the power music can have and wanted to share that with others. Because I have young children, it's important to me to be home when they are. I decided to a couple years ago to start my own musical preschool. We sing, dance, play musical instruments, and learn to music. I find that by teaching preschool concepts through music the children learn much faster and retain the knowledge longer. I'm grateful that I can use my degree in music therapy and still be able to stay at home with my young children. In my spare time I like to go running. Its a time when I can reconnect with myself and exercise at the same time. I have had many running partners through the years and I'm lucky enough to be able to have the best running partner now, my husband. I love being married and am so grateful that I married my best friend. He and I can share anything with each other and we love each other for who we are. I know I am a better person because of him. We were married for eternity in the Bountiful Temple 13 years ago. We plan on many more happy years together. I enjoy cooking, blogging, playing the piano and guitar, cleaning the house to my favorite music, and reading. My husband and I like to play games and watch movies with the family.

Why I am a Mormon

I'm a Mormon because I know that the Church of Jesus Christ is true. If I didn't know this for certain then I couldn't be a part of it. Just because my parents taught me the principles of the gospel since I was born doesn't mean I didn't have to learn for myself that the church was true. I remember being baptized when I was eight years old. It was an unforgettable experience because of the feelings I had. We have the opportunity once a month to bear our testimonies in our church services. The Sunday after I was baptized my cousin challenged me to bear my testimony. I was so scared to get in front of all those people, but I did it. When I declared that I knew that the church was true, the spirit overcame me and I knew what I was saying was true. For me the spirit brings me an overwhelming feeling of peace and love, and it makes me cry. When I was a teenager I read the Book of Mormon all the way through on my own and had a desire to know if it was really true. It was not easy and took several fervent prayers but the feeling that came over me filled my soul with love. This feeling was the spirit of the Holy Ghost. I knew then that because the Book of Mormon is true so was everything else the Church teaches. I'm so grateful to know that the church is true. I try each day to keep the spirit with me so I may help others come closer to Christ. The way I stay closer to the spirit is by reading his word in the scriptures, by praying, and by keeping his commandments. The gospel of Jesus Christ helps me daily to teach my children and gives me and my family direction and strength to face our challenges.

How I live my faith

My faith directs every direction of my life. I don't see living the principles of the gospel as restrictive but freeing because I don't have to guess what to do, I just know. In the church I serve by sharing my talents in music. I play the piano, lead the ward choir, and play the organ once a month in the Spanish ward. I am grateful for the opportunity to serve and it gives me the chance to continue developing my music skills.

What are Mormon Temples used for?

Temples unite me to my family forever. When you go to the temple you make special promises to serve the Lord and keep his commandments. You learn about Gods plan for his children. I am so grateful to be able to go to the temple. Every time I go to the temple I learn something new, receive an answer to a prayer, or I am renewed to continue to be a good parent and wife. The temple is a place where you feel peace and you can leave the harsh world behind. The spirit of the Lord is so strong because this is his house and it is dedicated as the House of the Lord. My goal is to always be worthy to have a temple recommend and make it a priority to attend the temple often. When I go to the temple I feel closer to the Savior and know that he loves me and knows me and my personal challenges in my life. Show more Show less

Why do Mormons perform baptisms for the dead?

Not everyone on the earth as had the opportunity to be baptized by the proper authority during their mortal life. By doing baptisms for the dead a living person can give the opportunity to a deceased person to accept the blessings of Baptism. Baptism is essential for salvation in the kingdom of God. Youth who are at least 12 years old can go to the temple to perform baptisms for the dead. I have fond memories of doing baptisms in the Salt Lake and Bountiful Temple as a young girl. My youth group would go early in the morning before school and each do 10 baptisms for the dead. Every time I felt so good and knew that the work I was doing was very important. The spirit is very strong when doing this and all in presence is quiet and listens to the words being said. Some of my favorite memories of doing baptisms for the dead was going with my family when all of my siblings were old enough. This strengthen our family and our relationship with each other. This is one way we did service together as a family. Show more Show less