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Hi I'm Susanne

I could be teaching Calculus. I plan to write a novel someday. I choose to focus on mothering four gifted sons. I'm a Mormon.

About Me

A few years ago our oldest son was struggling at school both socially and academically. We requested a psychological evaluation and found out that he has an unusually high IQ. That led to an intense search for a school that would meet his needs. We were blessed to find a school for gifted children that happened to be opening up close by. Then we found out that our younger sons are also highly gifted academically. Since then we have been on an exciting and sometimes heart-breaking adventure to meet our sons' unique needs and the challenges that come with them. Nowadays, I consciously focus most of my time, skills, and strength on nurturing four unpredictable minds and bodies as they grow. I choose to participate in abstract discussions about dimensions with one of my sons. I choose to counsel another more sensitive son who sometimes expects too much from himself. I choose to hold a book and snuggle with my three-year-old as he reads like a first grader. I choose to coach my sons on social skills. I spin and squeeze and wrestle with my son who has Sensory Processing issues. I choose motherhood—mentoring, nurturing, and caring on an individual level. Yet, I'm not concerned that my dreams are getting left out—some day I will get to write that novel and maybe I'll even teach Math again. For now I get to be a mom. Strangely enough my life is richer because of my choice.

Why I am a Mormon

My parents introduced me to the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints when I was born. However, I choose to stay a Mormon because of Jesus Christ’s influence. Our family has a lot of challenges, but as I live in faith, Heavenly Father and Jesus Christ send the Holy Ghost to assure me and direct me. I think the first time I felt an impression through the Holy Ghost was when I was ten. We moved and I was having a hard time making friends. I felt disliked and unloved. My efforts felt hopeless. I became depressed. Then, toward the end of the school year in a quiet moment an idea came to my mind that changed my perspective. As the idea came, so did a warm pressure that started in my heart and tingled down my arms and into my fingers. I started to cry quietly because it felt so good—like a relief. I didn’t know at the time but later I recognized that I had experienced an impression from Heavenly Father and Jesus Christ through the Holy Ghost. In that moment Jesus Christ was telling me something that my school teacher and my parents couldn't get through to me—that I needed to develop some social skills. Through the next few years, as I went through the gauntlet of Junior High and High School Jesus Christ helped me develop those social skills. He sent inspired teachers and He helped me notice how others acted. Then Jesus Christ sent the Holy Ghost again and again to reassure me of His love for me. Inspired by His love I felt confidence to put in practice the social skills I learned. They worked! My High School Senior class voted me Most Friendly. My problems didn’t end with High School. But Jesus Christ’s help didn’t end in High School either. He still inspires me and sends others to help me. Jesus Christ can help you too—maybe he already does. Missionaries from the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints can help you recognize the ways Jesus Christ inspires you through the Holy Ghost. Invite them to come talk to you. You won’t regret it.

How I live my faith

Our families are under attack. Our fathers and husbands are the center of that attack. In this world men are bombarded by critisism yet there is little out there to support them. While men are still boys they need to be taught good morals to strengthen them against this attack. I volunteer as a cubscout den leader. I help boys develop good character. I am confident that the Boy Scouts of America teaches the values boys need to become good men. These values are the same values Jesus Christ taught. So as I encourage my little group of boys to do their best and help other people I am living my faith. My husband and I are a good team when it comes to living our faith at home. As partners we lead our family to read the scriptures together, attend church together, and to pray together. Our sons hear us pray for them each individually and we hear them pray for us. We grow closer as a family when we collectively live our faith. My husband and I also set aside one night each week to have fun with our sons and teach them the life lessons we can learn from following Jesus Christ. We call it Family Home Evening. Our boys say their favorite part of Family Home Evening is the treat we have at the end but I think their favorite part is when we let them each have a turn to share something with all of us. I suspect that my husband and I work so well living our faith as a team because we decided to be married in the temple. Through a special ceremony called a sealing we were given amazing promises on the condition that we remain faithful to each other and to God. Yet, just because we were sealed in the temple doesn’t mean we are perfect—it just means we are both committed to becoming perfect. We accept each other with weaknesses and continue with the faith that we are both working toward those promised blessing. It’s hard work but we are up for it and we have Heavenly Father, Jesus Christ, and the Holy Ghost to help us.