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Hi I'm Claudia

I am a student, I am a musician, I love my family and being with my best friends and I am a Mormon.

About Me

I am in high school, and I am very active in the church. I am in band, as a percussionist. I think percussion was a great choice, considering the fact that I love music. I am a mallet person, snare isn't my thing, however I do play the quads/tenor for football games. Music makes me happier than anything and I enjoy it so much. I am definetly planning on going to college, graduating, and I want to go on a mission. I love the time I have with my friends, whether it be studying for tests, getting ready for dances, or at band practice. I love the feeling of accomplishment, because I know that I can actually finish something without quitting. I love my family, how big it may be. I LOVE bananas and all types of fruits. I was born into the gospel which is good because if I wasn't, I wouldn't be me. I love being myself and singing in the rain(: But I love being a Mormon even more so.

Why I am a Mormon

I love being a member of The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints. Without it, I wouldn't be where I am today. I wouldn't have the friends I have, the family who loves me, I wouldn't have the things that mean the most to me. With the gospel, I can pray everyday, and always have my prayers answered. I can influence my friends to make better choices. I can be happy knowing God loves me so much. However, being born into the covenant comes with some responsibilities. I have friends ask me everyday about my religion, so I need to be prepared with answers when the questions come piling down on me. I actually enjoy answering their questions, they always seem surprised when they realize I am just like them, but with higher standards. I have many missionary moments, which makes me prepare more for my own mission after college. I have had moments, however, where I begin to doubt the gospel. But the second I realize what I have because of the church, I lose my qualms and pray, thanking the Lord for everything he has given me. The scriptures are very important to me, I always use them when I am "teaching" a fellow friend. I read them every day before seminary with my family. I try to read them every night by myself. Every Sunday, I read as far as I can, because that is one of the only times I have when I am not practicing for band, or doing my homework. I love the gospel and I will continue to live it with faith. I know that this church is true, and I know we have a living prophet on this earth today, and every word he speaks is true. I know this gospel is the truth with all my heart, and I will continue to be a missionary so others may know it as well. I am a member of The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-Day Saints because I found truth and believed in it, and that truth is what made me who I am today.

How I live my faith

I participate in my ward/stake activities as if it's second nature. During the summer, there is Youth Conference, EFY (Especially For Youth), Girl's Camp, and ward High Adventures. In all of these trips, I go on spiritual highs for months at a time, even though they are just less than a week long. Thes trips are where I met all of the people I couldn't live without today. Youth Conference is where the youth go or do anything that will strengthen our testimony of the church. EFY is when the youth go on a week long trip somewhere to, again, strengthen their testimony of the gospel. Girl's Camp is just for the Young Women, when we go to a camp, and do all kinds of things. We hike, we have dances, we cook, we improve our talents, and we have the most spiritual time, testimony meeting. It is the night before we leave for home, and we all take our time to bear our testimonies. It is a great opportunity for those who have an enormous beleif of the gospel but never have anytime to share it. High Adventure happens within my ward. The boys have one, and the girls felt left out, so we decided to do something. We biked to Louisville, Kentucky, and walked 22 miles. It helps us become physically fit as well as spiritually. I enjoy participating in church activities because it strengthens my testimony which is a great gift to have. One of the most phenomenal things to have is my own tesitmony. When I was younger, I went off of my parent's testimonies, but as I have grown up, I realized it was time for me to make my own. It makes me feel RAD when I have my personal belief to share rather than one everyone has already heard. It kills me when people doubt my standards and faith, but I always end up proving them wrong, and oh what a great feeling it is to know that this church is true.