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Hi I'm Matt

I am a student, a husband, a father, a writer, and I'm a Mormon.

About Me

I am currently studying my undergraduate BA in English Literature and am preparing for law school. I work as a paralegal at my families law firm Collins & Collins L.L.P. I am married to my beautiful pregnant wife and am excited to be a father. I love to read. I am currently focusing on the classics because of school but I love science fiction and fantasy. I could read anything as long as it has a good story and likeable characters though. I also love to write. It is something I wish I had more time for but I do hope to publish a novel someday. I am really into music. Rock and Roll is probably my favorite but I am not picky as long as it is quality music. I really love animals. we have two dogs, a black lab pointer mix named Phoebe and a pure bred golden retreiver named Sam. One of the more interesting things, I think, about me is I spent two years volunteering for the LDS church in Puebla, Mexico as a missionary. I got to live in a different culture, to learn Spanish, and to experience what it's like to live with little material possesions (it was an experience I couldn't have gotten any other way and I learned a lot of appreciation from it) It is there I really gained a true love for Jesus Christ. I not only got to share my testimony of him to others, but I was able to help others through service, and through the gospel. I think that is what brought me closer to the saviour, being able to help his children in need.

Why I am a Mormon

Because living the Gospel of Jesus Christ makes me happy. It gives me a purpose in life and helps me know my real potential. When times get hard, I have something to give me hope. I know that sounds kind of selfish but I think it is something we all need, a purpose in life and a place to find hope. Nothing can provide that better than the gospel. I have also learned through the church that serving and helping others brings me a lot of happiness, and I feel like living the gospel principles as they are taught in the Church of Jesus Christ makes me a better person.

How I live my faith

One step at a time. I am in charge of our church building's maintainence. Basically that means I coordinate the members in our ward, or congregation, so that we can get families to come twice a week and clean up the church. Basically vacuum, take out the trash, mop, etc. I am also what we refer to as a home teacher, (for women they are called visiting teachers) every member of the church does this. It basically means that I am given a companion (someone to help and do it with me) and we are assigned a couple families in our congregation, or ward, whether they attend frequently or not (we don't descriminate, everyone gets hometeachers, for example, I have home teachers to visit my family.) and we are charged with visiting them at least once a month to make sure they are doing okay, maybe leave them a spiritual thought and offer service if they need anything. Through this kind of thing you usually become friends and it is really good because it increases your support network and friendship network within the church so that you have people to turn to when things are rough. It also helps the church know when families are in need, because their home teachers will hopefully know and offer help or get the church to help. I am not perfect at it and am sometimes really busy but I try hard to fulfill calling and home teaching and it is all voluntary (noone in the church is paid, it is all volunteer based) and because I want to serve others, and the Lord. There are a lot of things about the gospel, and Mormon.org is a great place to learn a lot of the basic ways of living in the church and if you are really interested the Missionaries would love to answer all your questions. So I didn't go into specifics with our doctrine or anything (feel free to get a hold of me though if you feel more comfortable talking to me over the missionaries).

How are modesty and chastity related? How can parents teach their children to be modest in dress, language and behavior?

I think the official church answer "Modesty, language and chastity are all connected in that our bodies are sacred creations made in the image of God. Therefore respecting this sacred gift means reserving physical intimacy for marriage between a man and woman, covering our bodies appropriately in dress and using language about the body that is always uplifting. Parents can teach their children that when they show respect for their bodies in this way, they can qualify to have the benefits of having the Holy Ghost with them." is great. I am going to be a father soon though and I have thought a lot about what helped me learn the importance of this when I grew up and how can I teach it to my kids. I think the number one things is practice what you preach, your kids learn a lot from what you do, but also, I think it is important for our kids to understand how much they are worth. They aren't just some body to go around and show off, they are children of God, and if you aren't religious they at least all have the potential to grow up and make a difference in the world. So we should all try hard to respect ourselves and do things that merit that kind of respect. I know a lot of people don't view imodesty as disrespectful these days, but when you realize your body is sacred, and try to look at yourself as god looks at you, modesty will not seem so old fashioned and will become more sensible. I hope to have a much better answer though when my future kids ask me about this. Show more Show less