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Hi I'm Tyler

I truly enjoy sports, Seattle Seahawks rock, I love video games and movies, and I'm a Mormon.

About Me

I was born and raised in Northwest Washington, I grew up playing sports my whole life. I started with soccer and baseball when I was really young. Then I got into football and lacrosse. I had a lot of awesome memories with that. So thats pretty much all I knew. I started out with video games pretty young, since its always raining in Washington, there is nothing to do outside. So I loved doing that but luckily it didn't really consume my life too much..... After graduating highschool, I worked at The Home Depot for a while and really liked doing that. It was one of those places that you didn't like being there, but when your not, somehow you miss it. If that makes sense.. I loved going to the movies with my friends, and just going out to eat. I guess you can say that I am a pretty social person. I hated being alone, there is just nothing to do by yourself these days. So I was hardly hanging out by myself. I love watching sporting events, and things like that. Going to the stadiums and being around those fans are the best. I love doing something outside, on nice days of course. Which weren't very many in Washington. I also love experimenting with food, trying to make something new, or trying stuff I haven't had before. Probably my favorite thing is a bacon cheeseburger with eggs and peanutbutter. Don't knock it until you try it! Thats all about me, I know, not too special.

Why I am a Mormon

I am a Mormon because nothing else could fill the hole that was missing from my life. I have gone to other church's before, only to be confused about the Gospel that Jesus Christ set up. I never understood the Godhead, and how it worked. I surely didn't understand the purpose that God had for me in my life. I sure believed in life after death, but I didn't know what would really happen. I was fortunate to have friends that loved me enough to share the truth with me. I have never questioned the LDS faith, I just wanted to know what was right. I was just as scared at the next person about going to this Church, and I can tell you I had turned the missionaries away at the door. Religion scared me, death terrified me, and for someone to come into my house and teach me about these important priciples was the last thing I wanted. I can tell you that the greatest decision I made in life was going to Church. The LDS Church, was what I needed. They had an answer to every question I had. Why was there so many Church's out there? What really happened after death? If I did want to live with God, what do I need to do? What did Jesus Christ do anyway? What happens in those Temples? Every question I ever had, they could answer. Did I get Baptised right away? No, I didn't want to be called a Mormon, I just wanted to know some things.. I was ready to sit idly by my whole life and do nothing about it. Until... I decided to finally sit down with the missionaries. Something I feared, I didn't just want to be a Baptismal statistic, but they changed it all. I learned what I meant to Heavenly Father. I know what the Plan of Salvation means to someone who has never heard it before. They taught me about the Power of the Priesthood, and how God loves us enough to teach us things through Prophets. Prophets were so interesting to me, and I knew it had to be true. So I finally, changed my life and entered the gate of Baptism so I could enjoy Christ and Eternal Life. Thats why I am a Mormon.

How I live my faith

I love my church, and everything about it. I don't know where I would be without it. Right now I am lucky enough to be out on my mission. Something that I never thought I would be doing growing up. I never thought I would be Mormon, especially not a Missionary. But I love everything about it. I am serving in the New Mexico Farmington Mission. Our mission covers the entire Navajo Reservation. It is such a great opportunity to be out here, meeting wonderful people and teaching them about their ancestors in The Book of Mormon. Going on a mission was a hard decision. I was only a member of the Church for a year, but I knew it would change my life, and I would be truly converted. I didn't know the Doctrine I was supposed to be teaching people, I didn't really have anyone to give me tips and pointers. I did know that Christ wasn't going to let me fall. He has paid to high of a price for me to just give up, and forget what He did for me. Something that I cannot deny is the power of the Atonement. The Atonement is something that I have grown to love and appreciate in my life. The Atonement is Christ's suffering in the garden, and death on the cross. What that means to me in my life has changed everything. It took me from the rebelious teenager who didn't care about anything, to a personal representative of Jesus Christ serving on a full time mission. I have grown to understand the true blessings and strenghtening power of the Atonement. It helps us go from bad people to good, and from good to better. I know there is nothing that we can do, or say, or mess up on. That cannot be covered and forgiven by the divine power of the worlds greatest sacrifice. Jesus Christ did not have to die, He was the son of God. He did however know, that we would mess up, and He did love us enough to bare our burdens and take our sins. I am so thankful for what the Savior did for me, and I appreciate every bit of love He sends my way.

How are the activities of the Mormon missionaries funded?

Mormon Missionaries are mostly funded from their own pocket. This is something young members of the church strive for. They will save up for their "Missionary Fund" fairly early. I belive they do this as a sense of pride, something they have accomplished. The same way as someone would save for a new car, or a new T.V. this is something they really want. I said it is mostly paid for out of their own pocket. A lot of times other members of the church or other family members will donate money in support of that missionaries decision. Or, if a member is from a more poverty stricken household, sometimes the ward fund will pay for that missionary, but it is encouraged that they pay as much as they can. Not because the church refuses to pay, or they are too cheap, but because it builds a sense of working for your accomplishment. If the whole world was just given everything they asked for, well, it would be a lot different. So I hope I answered that a little bit. Show more Show less