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Hi I'm Dave

I'm a husband, a father, a Dentist, a little over-weight, and yes, I'm a Mormon.

About Me

I'm a happily married man with an incredible wife and two wonderful kids; my almost 4 year old daughter and my almost 1 year old son. My life currently revolves around them. I married later in life, and for me the kids and the family life bring me so much more fulfillment and well being than I ever achieved being single and traveling and playing on my own. Don't get me wrong, the grass always appear greener than the field you are in, but I'm happy to be grazing with my family now, and helping my kids to grow up. I switched careers from doing IT work in the 90's when it was a hot field to health care now in the 2000's, more specifically dentistry. I love the challenge of learning, applying knowledge, and bettering the health of others with this knowledge and skills I have, and am always developing. Being a business man, running my own practice presents many challenges and rewards. Being able to make my own decisions, good or bad, rather than having a boss from corporate telling you what to do is a breath of fresh air. Its definitely a lot of work too. I try to keep my life balanced because when it isn't balanced well between family, work, emotional, physical, and spirituality; I believe you aren't as happy or your life may not have as much purpose as it might. You won't suck as much "marrow" out of life.

Why I am a Mormon

I'm a Mormon or what we as members refer to ourselves as Latter-day Saints (LDS), initially because I was raised in a Mormon (LDS) family. Being LDS was just how I was raised, I had friends growing up that weren't LDS, and to me that was fine, we just believed different things when it came to God. Honestly, my focus was more on sports and girls growing up than anything else. I didn't gain my own testimony of the church until I decided to serve a two year mission to Spain. I always felt the church my parents and family believed in was true. My dad was a member his entire life, and my mom was a convert from the Lutheran church before she met my father. To me it seemed to make sense. I studied the Bible, and I honestly read the Book of Mormon for the first time while preparing for the mission. If I was to preach the truthfulness of this church to others (a scary task for a 19 year old) I had better know it was true. Was believing in Jesus Christ as my savior really what I believed? Maybe the Jews or Muslims were right? While studying the scriptures, praying and pondering the things I studied, and just thinking about God, and why we are here on Earth and for what purpose; I received strong promptings that what I had all along in my life was true, and this mission I was about to embark on was the right thing to do. My two years of service, speaking with people about religion, learning about other religions, seeing their lives, listening to their thoughts and opinions, and just discussing and sharing things of God really made me appreciate what I had, and my testimony grew from that tiny seed into something that no longer needed a family or parents to support it. I knew if my family or parents left the church, I would not. This really is the Gospel of Jesus Christ, and he really is my savior and redeemer.

How I live my faith

My faith is a big part of my life. It is my foundation, so to speak, to help keep me grounded during the good times and the bad. It also helps me put my life and the lives of my family in perspective and helps me focus on what truly is important in life. I'm not sure what I would believe in if this church ended up being false. All other religions have good tenets, but in my opinion they all have major flaws that would push me to be agnostic. My faith gets me to attend 3 hours of church on Sunday, visit some members of the local church I go to once a month to visit with them, and help them out if they need anything (we call it home teaching and its how we attempt to look after one another). My wife and I have callings or assignments in the church to help the congregation to function. No members are paid to preach or direct the church, so everyone is expected to do different tasks. We recently helped organize activities for the ward, or organize ward parties where members come together and socialize. People not of our church are always welcome to participate and join the social events as well. The rest of my time is spent with work, kids, watching TV shows, trying to lose some weight, and basically the same stuff that other families with kids are doing. Right now we're getting ready for Halloween. My daughter wants to be spider girl, and my son is going to be a baby skeleton, whether he likes it or not :). Good luck with your quest for truth. I believe I have found truth in this church, and striving to follow its teachings makes me a better, happier person all around. You can look at the church like God's self help course here on earth to help you overcome mankind's weaknesses and temptations. It also gives you perspective to help you get through periods of life that don't seem fair, or when you have made mistakes (we all do and all will) it helps you rebound and get back on track hopefully sooner than later. Pray or talk to God, and discover His plan for you.

What do Mormons believe is the purpose of life?

I think everyone will ask themselves this question, usually when times are tough, like with the passing of a loved one. The purpose of this life is to learn and to experience the consequences of choices you make between good and evil. It is the opportunity for your spirit to receive a physical body, to learn how to bridle your bodies passions and desires, and learn how to love and serve others when you may not receive anything in return. Life isn't fair, it isn't easy, and we aren't given our ultimate reward in this life because of that. Our ultimate reward for the life we live is given in heaven where things are fair and just, and luckily with the grace of Jesus Christ, they are also merciful. God allows us to choose or have a free agency to do the things we want in this life. He has given us commandments to help us to discipline our lives to avoid choices we might later regret. This life isn't just a pre-heaven boot camp, but His plan also helps us to learn how to experience joy and happiness that only our Heavenly Father can give us. Many people seek this joy in drugs, sex, power, possessions, or money, and this joy is fleeting and ultimately leaves us empty feeling and worse off than we ever were before. Show more Show less