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Hi I'm Lee

I'm a 6'2" Korean kid with a Yugoslavian last name who grew up in Montana, and yes, I am a Mormon.

About Me

I'm a guy who loves life. Life has been very good to me, despite all the challenges that I had to go through and I am currently going through. I feel very blessed in so many ways that I am full of gratitude. I love sports. I played a lot of basketball and football until I tore my achilles tendon 3 months ago. I love to dance and really enjoy music. I play the ukelele and enjoy singing very much as well. I really enjoy self improvement stuff. I love reading books that inspire me and get me to grow and be better. There are so many interests that it would be a challenge for me to put all of them here. Simply put, I love life and I'm doing my best to live it to the fullest in happiness just the way our Father in Heaven intended.

Why I am a Mormon

I'm a kid who was adopted from Korea when I was 12. When I was in Korea, I was a Buddhist, and when I got placed in the orphanage at age 10, I ended up in a Catholic orphanage. There, I met this amazing man, Father Ben, he was a white person who spoke Korean, which was very weird to me. But I got to know him and realized how much he cared for us and I had this quiet admiration for him. However, when he was preaching to us that God loved us so very much, I could not believe him, despite my great respect for him. I couldn't believe that if God loved me so much, how I could end up in an orphanage at that age! I couldn't believe because I saw things kids my age or rather anyone at any age should see. I couldn't believe that a loving God would let things like this happen. Well, after I was adopted, I started to feel this foreign thing in my life at that time called love from my parents. After several years, it made me wonder what possessed these people to love someone like me whom they didn't know anything about with that much love. You see, they were members of our church and I followed them to church, despite my dislike of anything God-related stuff. I noticed that people at church were happy people as well and things like this got me curious. So I decided to find out whether there really was God, who is "supposedly" so loving. I started to learn about God through the Book of Mormon. Granted, my answer didn't come right away, but it did come. To keep this short, I realized there was a Father in Heaven who loves me and that He has been there through all the difficulties I went through. And I felt that He has led me to where I am to find Him and to get to know Him personally. It was an amazing moment for me to know Him and my Savior Jesus Christ, personally. And I found them through this church and through the reading and praying over the Book of Mormon. That is why I am a Mormon today.

How I live my faith

Just like any other Christians, I go to church each Sunday to worship my Father in Heaven. I have this part I play in the church to help in organizing our local church Sunday School. Like today, I sometimes substitute teach and at other times, I make sure every class goes smoothly during the Sunday School class times. It's an honor to be able to serve my fellow church goers like this. I also have the opportunity to visit with the amazing families I get to share gospel principles each month along with my hometeaching companion. It's a great program to share our love and knowledge one with another and come closer to Christ through each visit. It's also there to make sure we are able to meet any specific need that a family may have when we visit or any time they call us to request it. It's an awesome opportunity. But more than anything, I live my faith by coming to know my Savior Jesus Christ and my Heavenly Father better through study, prayer, and service. I know that they love me and I love them, despite my many shortcomings I have. It's a great privilege to get to know them so personally and I'm loving feeling their love for me so closely and so personally.

What are some things that tell you there is a God?

For me, everything around me tells me that there is a God. I see it in the nature, the beautiful sunrise and sunset, the sound of the waves, the fog, amazing blue sky, and the beautiful forest. I see it in animals, especially seeing how the mother protects her babies. I see it in people, the way people have a natural desire to help others and come together in a great cause to help and serve those that are in distress. When there are great disasters, we see this more readily. I just see it each day as I live my life. I sense His presence near me, sometimes more close than others but still, I feel Him. But more personally, I know He is there because I feel His love for me very personally. I know He loves us dearly and I can never deny that. Show more Show less