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Hi I'm Stephen

I was born, raised and wouldnt mind dying in the great state of Texas! I am a filmmaker, pianist and athlete. I am also a mormon:)

About Me

As long as i can remember, I have always loved movies. To me, there just isnt anything much better than a bag of popcorn, a coke and a good movie on a friday night. Don't ask me for any creative date ideas, I only have one. More than watching films I love making them and have been since the time I was eight years old. I currently am a film student at the University of Texas and have enjoyed the experience of learning the art by some of the most talented professors I know. Aside from the arts, I grew up playing every sport I knew was available to me. My biggest dream was to put on a University of Texas football jersey and walk out the tunnel every saturday during the season as the star running back. Life of course doesnt usually go according to plans, and unfortunatly I had to stop my goal short after three ACL tears. So now I have focused my efforts on filmmaking, producing and writing movies as often as i can to sharpen the skill and fufill another life dream of becoming the next Steven Spielberg.

Why I am a Mormon

One of my favorite quotes comes from a movie starring Jodie Foster called "Contact". In the opening of the film a young girl asks her father, while they sit together marveling at the stars above, "Dad, do you think we are all alone on earth?" The father than lovingly replies "If we are, it seems like an aweful waste of space." As i learn more and more about our universe and distant galaxies, it is near mind blowing how intricate and vast space and its systems are. Earth is merly a single grain of sand in a far reaching coast of undiscovered planets. Like the Dad from the movie, I too believe it would be an aweful waste of space if it were just us. Then I try to comprehend that in order for us live as we are today, a solar system must pass countless stages of "it just so happened" to arrive at a life sustaining world. As Albert Einstien once said referring to a physical model of the solar system "Someone had to have made that". My search for a creator was nurtured at a very young age from wonderful parents who taught me to seek the truth of all things for myself. I strongly believe that while we may already have within us, core beliefs, there is a difference between what we believe and what we "want" to believe. Although I found it hard to understand the existance of an all-powerfull being who could hear my prayers and even answer them, i eventually found that it was atleast something i wanted to think was true. I have visited many churches in my life, i have even had the oppurtunity to study the doctrine and feel the goodness of other faiths, but it has been through this restored church that i have truely been able to come to know my Heavenly father. I have had sacred experiences that have left me with an undeniable knowledge that this is his church, and it has been restored to help his children back home to him.

How I live my faith

I have found that the best way to live my faith is by doing the right thing when nobody is watching. I have had many oppurtunities to help the community, a friend or family as a member of this church, but while I find it important to render public service to others I believe my true faith shines the brightest when no one is watching. It is during the times I must make an honest decision, change a destructive way of thinking or clean up the media I view and listen to that I feel myself living the gospel. Living my faith means trying to be the best person I can be without changing who i am. That is the beauty of this church and its principles, it is a way to chizle away the dirt and mud that weighs us down and keeps us from finding happiness in this life. I live my faith by letting it become a part of who I am.