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Hi I'm John

I'm a husband and father of five. I am an electrical engineer, and I work on rockets. I'm a Mormon.

About Me

I'm trusting in the Lord to help my wife and I as we raise our five small children. We have four boys, and a little girl. Our fourth son, Bryce, and our sweet little girl, Annalise, have an extremely rare genetic condition affecting the white matter of the brain. This condition is now called "type 5 Aicardi Goutieres Syndrome" and it is a form of leukodystrophy. Physically and mentally, these children are normal, but they just can't obtain full control of their bodies. My sweet wife Tammy corresponds with doctors and online support communities around the world as we share our thoughts and feelings about special needs children with others. At work, I am responsible to maintain and enhance the ground support equipment for rockets, from small sounding rockets that carry experiments to space for 5 minutes, to large cargo rockets that transport supplies to the international space station. I love my work because the people I work with are fun loving and honest, and the work holds a high degree of variety, responsibility and challenge for me. My main hobbies include metalworking and electronics. In particular, I like to melt and cast metal into various forms, and then shape and finish the castings into useful articles using machine tools in my backyard workshop. I am also interested in writing and the etymologies of words. I am fascinated by the many groups of people in the world and their various languages and customs.

Why I am a Mormon

I consider myself a Christian in the sense that I study the life and teachings of Jesus Christ, and I strive to follow his commandment as closely as I personally can, in my own imperfect and faltering way. I confess that Jesus Christ is my personal Savior. He is gracious and wonderful. His sublime and miraculous works are, to me, a constant and irrefutable example of the divine gifts and caring of a loving Father in Heaven for his children. It makes perfect sense to me that Jesus Christ's ministry extends to all people, that His Gospel is accessible to all who desire to come unto him. The Book of Mormon strengthens my faith immensely, because it was purposefully written for our times, and it shows that Christ did indeed visit his "other sheep" outside of Jerusalem, when he came to the American continent. I believe that there are other scriptural records beyond the Bible and the Book of Mormon, which will eventually come to light and witness further of the gospel and works of Jesus Christ among other groups of people throughout history. I'm a Mormon because the Mormons help me to properly seek and find answers to my most heartfelt questions. I'm a lover of truth, and I do not like to be fooled. My temperament as an engineer, is to be serious, precise and analytical. Lately I've been developing some patience as well. I'm constantly analyzing what I find inside and outside of the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints, and I am confident and glad to state that I see that the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints is the true church of God. Now I also see that the members of the true church of God are imperfect and subject to all sorts of quirks, foibles and vices, and I'm honestly relieved to be able to class myself in this group. I believe that we should all strive to expand our horizons, talents and abilities. The Church is a fantastic place to do that. Go forward, and never look back!

How I live my faith

In our church, I work with the Sunday School. I help make sure that each class has a teacher each week, and that the classes eventually turn in their attendance records. Sometimes I end up "pinch hitting" as the teacher myself! I'm the guy who gently encourages teenagers to stop chattering in the hallway, and get into class. I also LOVE to sing in the choir. I sing bass or baritone. Some of the most beautiful moments of my life, and some of the most memorable too, have occurred through singing religious music in the choir. Christmas Holiday music performances and Messiah sing-ins just melt my heart. I served a full time mission for the Church in French Polynesia, in the Islands around Tahiti. I always have a special place in my heart for Polynesians, and I generally adore Polynesian culture and food.