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Hi I'm Erin

I am dental assistant, I am a mother of adoptive, biological and step-children and I'm a Mormon.

About Me

My name is Erin and I have been a dental assistant on and off for over 20 twenty years now. I love when I have helped someone overcome a fear of going to the dentist. My greatest love though is being a wife and mother. It was always a dream of mine to have a large family with lots of children ever since I can remember. I was married at a young age and had wonderful hopes of having children soon after. I suffered a year later with a miscarriage, and then 7 more years of infertility. Not exactly what I had dreamed of, but then were overjoyed to finally become parents of a child through an international adoption, and then we were able to have two more children be born to us several years later. Unfortunately, my marriage ended in a very sad divorce that had been the result of addictions. I thought infertility was a hard trial, but divorce has been by far the hardest thing I have ever gone through. But my faith held strong through the adversity and I was truly blessed in so many ways. The most joyous was getting remarried to a wonderful man and also becoming the step mother to 4 more amazing children. I am now the wife of a wonderful husband who I adore, and a mother of 7 awesome children!!

Why I am a Mormon

I actually was born to parents that were already members of The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints. Although I had to make the decision for myself to continue this faith on my own when I was grown. Was this church really true?? I trusted my parents, but did I really know for myself? I remember when I was 13 years old and one of my Sunday School teachers told the class "You cannot live on a borrowed testimony...even your parents" That really hit me and I knew I had to find out for myself. I remember then going to the Lord all on my own and sincerely praying if this church was the true church of God. I remember the amazing feeling that overcame my entire body and the the immense sense of love that followed, I knew it was true, for myself. I have never questioned my answer since, and have had countless experiences of the truthfulness of this gospel. It is my love and my life. I couldn't imagine what my life would be like today without it. I have the knowledge that I have a Heavenly Father and a Savior Jesus Christ who love me so much and are very aware of my life and bless me daily. I believe that Joseph Smith was a true prophet of God who was an instrument in restoring the Lord's true church back to the earth. I have read the Book of Mormon and I know that it is another testament of Jesus Christ because I have prayed about it and I feel the spirit every time I read it. I know that we have a living prophet on this earth today, God has not stopped revealing his messages to the world. This has always been done through a prophet of the Lord. Every six months we get that opportunity to hear the prophet in a conference and on a monthly basis in our church magazines. I love that families can be forever and that we can be sealed for time and for all eternity in a holy temple of the Lord. This is why I am a Mormon. I know all of this is true because I prayed for myself and asked God, received an answer, and you can too!!

How I live my faith

I strive everyday to live my life the way my Heavenly Father would want me to. I am by far not perfect, but I feel the Lord knows the desires of our heart and knows when we are truly and sincerely trying our best. I attend church services every Sunday. My responsibility in church I have been called to do is to work with our teenage girls organization called "Young Women" It is such a blessing to serve in this capacity and I have learned so much in the process as I have with every church responsibility I have been given. I also go and visit several of the woman from church on a monthly basis called "Visiting Teaching". It is a wonderful opportunity to make close friends and to give service and comfort to those in need. I love going to the temple on a regular basis to learn and serve. The spirit and peace I feel within the walls of the temple is beyond compare. The biggest key in living my faith though is daily personal prayer and scripture study. Again I am not always perfect at this, but I know this is the way we can become closest to our Heavenly Father and Jesus Christ. Our family also participates in family prayers, scripture study and a weekly family event called "Family Home Evening" where a member of the family presents a spiritual thought or lesson. Other family members participate as well in the evening in saying the prayer, reading a scripture, leading us in singing a hymn and even preparing a fun game and treat! This brings our family closer together especially when having a household of teenagers with various schedules and activities.

Do Mormons worship Joseph Smith?

Joseph Smith was a great prophet who was used as an instrument in the Lord's hands to bring to pass the restoration of his true gospel, that had been taken off of the earth with the death of Jesus Christ's Twelve Apostles, which was called the great apostasy prophesied by Paul. We do not worship Joseph Smith but truly honor him for his faithfulness in performing the work God had chosen for him to do in was restoring Jesus Christ's church back upon the earth. God and Jesus Christ are the only ones who are worshiped in The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints. Show more Show less