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Hi I'm Cherié Lynnae Whitaker

I was born and raised in So,California. I am a 5th generation Mormon. I work in Music, Entertainment.

About Me

I can do anything. I have no fear. I love life and love friends for life and eternity. I try to be a good example to all who know or meet me. I follow the example of my Savior, Jesus Christ. I love music, beautiful places, sunsets, laughter, comedy, good sense of humor and people with a conscious. I love my dogs and cats to pieces. I love my veggies. I love bringing people together to have fun, share in common interests, and help the world in some small way, get better. I have had many job opportunities which I used as a stepping stone to learning, because knowledge is a gift... and have owned my own business in Public Relations for several years. I have mostly worked in entertainment, being music, radio, concerts and special event planning. I help organize Mormon Helping Hands and other events for the church. I will always stand firm for what I believe in. I love my Heavenly Father, his son, Jesus Christ and the Holy Spirit. I love my parents although now passed over. I love the gospel and what it teaches me about myself and my eternal life. I love the Prophet Thomas S. Monson & the apostles. I pray for our missionaries who are around the world sharing this beautiful gospel and those who serve protecting our great nation and its freedoms. I honor our Veterans & Troops. I am a woman of great Faith. I'm single. I have much to do and love my callings. I currently serve as a Public Affairs media specialist in my Stake in Simi Valley.

Why I am a Mormon

I was raised in the church, being the 5th generation Mormon. I have always been taught the truth and I have always have a deep understanding in my heart. I have been able to see what my friends had missing in their lives that this gospel gave me. I had strength to overcome temptation, live a clean moral life, and still have fun in the shadows of peer pressure. I wanted more from my life than temporary pleasures and addictions. Working in rock and roll, had its challenges, but I seemed to be respected for being different. I knew I had a purpose and reason for being here. My friends didnt have that. I realized at age 40, when my conviction became very personal through reading scriptures and prayer I had been given many gifts to develop and share. I knew..I felt it, and the holy spirit opened my eyes to so much more truth and love. I began to see the beauty and miracles I have been surrounded by and my testimony of this great work became my eternal existence. It was then that I felt the completeness of my life and journey, and understand why things happen the way they do, and above all I learned to trust in God's counsel in all I needed. Prayer has been a focus in my life, I don't make decisions with out it. Going to church is a pleasure, a joy beyond measure and I get to share all this with so many new friends who are on the same eternal journey. It is the greatest gift you will ever have in your life.

How I live my faith

I have been privileged to have worked with many great musicians and found a way to funnel what I have been taught through the scriptures into doing good things. I have produced many concerts to help children, adults and causes in need. I have been able to pull many friends in to help in our community where needed, and always keep my eye open to things that should be done and can be with a few hundred volunteers who care. I serve as a Stake Public Affairs specialist, and involved in media events where we can share the opportunities that come our way with others outside our faith to join in the fun and good works. This usually brings more opportunities and things get done, with much gratitude from community opinion leaders. It also gives me the opportunity to put "GOOD" news in the media, instead of all doom and gloom. I love sharing my faith and beliefs on the internet with friends and new people I meet. Why wouldn't I want the most joy in everyone's life I meet. I consider everyone I meet a gift, and all things come into my life for a reason. It has made me a very humble grateful happy person, even in these turbulent times. I have no fear... I know my Heavenly Father is near, and through his son, Jesus Christ, and the holy spirit.... I will be alright, because I live in his light.

Do Mormons worship Joseph Smith?

Cherié Lynnae Whitaker
No we do not worship Joseph Smith. We honor and respect him as a Prophet, liken to those prophets of old like Noah, Moses, Abraham. Great men of vision with God as their counsel. I can not help but love him for all he went through, and feel in my heart for his sacrifices for us. I am grateful for what he has taught us, and left for us to study. As the church states and I completely agree with: We do not worship [Joseph Smith] the Prophet. We worship God our Eternal Father and the risen Lord Jesus Christ. But we acknowledge the Prophet; we proclaim him; we respect him; we reverence him as an instrument in the hands of the Almighty in restoring to the earth the ancient truths of the divine gospel, together with the priesthood through which the authority of God is exercised in the affairs of His Church and for the blessing of His people” (Gordon B. Hinckley, “Joseph Smith Jr.—Prophet of God, Mighty Servant,” Ensign, Dec 2005, 2–6). Show more Show less