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Hi I'm Christian

I'm a first generation American. I'm into health food and nutrition. I'm a dentist. I love the water. And I'm a Mormon.

About Me

My Dad was born in Denmark, making me a first generation American. My Mom's ancestors included a lot of early members of the church from Nauvoo to Salt Lake to Arizona to Northern Mexico, settling and colonizing farming communities all along the way, and becoming serious cowboys and pioneers. I'm the 5th of 9 children. We loved going to the beach and doing pretty much anything that involved water including surfing, snorkeling, sailing, skiing, and more. With our big family, our vacations were usually pretty basic, but always tons of fun. We camped a LOT. I spend as much time outdoors as I can hiking, running, and swimming. We grew up very musical and when our family gets together, we sing and play the piano or guitar or whatever. I learned to play the saxophone, trombone, piano, and sing in marching bands, jazz groups, choirs, and plays. My dad owned a pair of Health Food stores as part of a small chain my grandparents started in the 1970's. I grew up surrounded by the hippies and nutritionists of southern California. I've always been fascinated with nature and the world and universe. Astronomy, geology, anatomy, oceanography, chemistry, whatever, I think it's all pretty amazing. I've lived all over the western US and Canada including San Francisco, Vancouver, New Mexico, Utah, and more. I have two children from a first marriage. They are incredibly amazing kids. I am married now and we have one child together. Life is and has been really awesome and a whole lot of fun

Why I am a Mormon

I am a Mormon because I know better than I know anything else that the church is true. I've always loved learning about nature, and science, and the world and universe around us. One of the biggest reasons I went into dentistry was to learn all of the biological and anatomical sciences. And better than I know any of that, I know the Book of Mormon is true, through multiple spiritual experiences I have had from the Holy Spirit and participating in this religion. Denying any of this knowledge or ignoring it, or forgetting it, would be the most irresponsible, ignorant thing I could do and would betray everything else I've ever learned. It keeps me happier than any activity, philosphy, mindset, or culture I've tested out. It also promises the greatest hope for the future, and spreads the most good of any society I've seen on this planet. It also acts as an anchor or ballast, stabilizing me throughout life when things get hard, and keeping me grounded and focused when things are good. And through all of it, I feel the love of Christ inside me, sustaining me, and helping me sustain others.

How I live my faith

For the 5th time since I reached adulthood, I'm teaching and involved in the primary program. This time teaching the 3 year-olds, the Sunbeams. It's a blast and lots of fun, though it is tiring. My wife and I get to teach it together, and I admit she's better at it than I am, but I'm enjoying it, too. We're teaching our kids the primary songs about Jesus and Heavenly Father. We read the scriptures and I take a few seconds after each verse they read, to explain what they just read, and they're getting it, really well most of the time (how well they remember it, remains to be seen...). We try to help our neighbors anytime we can. I really like to give away dentistry to people who seem to need it or I think need it. I love to help strangers or neighbors if I see them working on something or struggling with anything that I can help with. I think very much that religion is another of the sciences and should be treated like one. If something works, keep doing it, experiment with it. If it doesn't work, fix your methods or don't do it anymore. We're learning in our individual faiths just like every other person and culture on this planet. There is a huge amount we can gain from other faiths and cultures when we follow the spirit to interpret them and apply it to ourselves. There is a lot of it that is so similar and so close to our own that large portions of other major religions could only have been given so separately by the same loving God that gave me the knowledge I have. I really like reading C.S. Lewis's books and think he had a great mind for theology, religion, and life and was able to break so many things down into bite-size nuggets that combined together for an incredible meal. I am a big fan of my faith and my name. To me, it's a badge or title of honor that I try to live up to, and am not afraid of what people learn about me because of my name. I love my Savior and I try to live up to the title of "Christian" or "Saint".

Do Mormons regard the Bible as Holy Scripture and the word of God?

I believe that God has spoken to a great many nations and peoples throughout the history of the world through various spiritual miracles, prophets, and personal manifestations. I believe he picked one group in particular who He was going to work through to accomplish a great deal. His "salt" of the earth. These were the descendants of Abraham, Isaac, and Joseph. The Bible is the journal, the history, the family history of these people. It's incredibly valuable. But if God wanted us to learn more at a particular time, he would provide more. If he thought it was important for us to have, we would have it, at the time he thought we should have it. And if He quotes from it, we should definitely know it well, too. It's an incredible book and it will be crucial to our salvation to be very familiar with it. Show more Show less