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Hi I'm Peter Olson

I'm Mormon and it's super dope.

About Me

I'm a college student with epiphanies happening so much that I learned a new adjective to describe my life: epiphanous. Two most favorite female singers: Amy Winehouse and Ke$ha, for surprisingly similar reasons. I'm learning to do things deliberately and not ignorantly. I have learned to lean into whatever I decide; decisions varying from school to lifestyle to career. If I'm gonna friggin do something, it's gonna be amazing, but if not, that's cool too. I really enjoy men's fashion. My heart is on the west coast and in the water.......and belongs to Ashley Olsen.... Family is really important to me. Etc... TBC

Why I am a Mormon

I'm a Mormon because I believe the purpose of life makes sense according to the LDS doctrine. I feel it in something that's beyond my comprehension. Since I existed before this life, and am here now, it makes sense that I'm here for a reason. To avoid getting jumbled up in a blanket statement of what the purpose is for everyone, I believe my purpose is to figure out my purpose. Whether it's to get married and be a dad with an awesome career, or not get married and have my dream job, as long as I'm living according to what I know to be right, then I'm doing fine and everything else should work itself out.

How I live my faith

I mentioned epiphanies earlier, and this is one of them. Living my faith means living a certain way because I feel it's right and good. I try to live because I love God, and God is good. I believe there are things that are eternally good, and those things are associated with God. I live my faith by making decisions that I feel are right and good.

How can we come to know our Father in Heaven?

Peter Olson
Our Father in Heaven is real and he loves us with a love that we cannot fully describe or comprehend. I had the chance be a counselor at a church youth camp and got to feel a little bit of the love that he has for those youth. It was so cool to know that the enormous amount of love that I had for them, our Heavenly Father just has more, because he loves with a perfect love. So, how do we get to know someone that loves us so much and that we can't see? It's simple. Prayer is one of the steps. Everytime we pray he hears us and answers us. The answers come through feelings and thoughts that come to us that are good. It's literally like having a conversation sometimes. But, even if you just want to be the one who's talking, he'll listen patiently and will always be there. Another way is my reading the testimonies of special witnesses called apostles and prophets in holy writ called scripture. Reading their stories will help us know that God lives and we can come to know him by how others have come to know him. Heavenly Father and Jesus Christ are one in purpose, so the more we read about Jesus Christ in the scriptures, the more we get to know our Father in Heaven. Cool, right? The last thing I'll mention is that by following the commandments we can draw closer to God. We come to understand that he loves us and so he gave us commandments. It's a great understanding. Show more Show less