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Hi I'm Paula

I joined the church when I was 18 years old and living in Idaho. My Mormon friends were the example that led to my conversion.

About Me

I have been a single mom to three incredible daughters for the last 17 years. One daughter is married and living in Montana. She is a Chorale Director at a University there. Another daughter recently graduated from BYU and has a management position south of Salt Lake City. My youngest daughter is a Junior at BYU. The focus of my life has been my family and having a gospel centered home with them. I have continually had blessings in my life with regard to my career even though very few of my prayers have focused on a desire to have a successful career. Being able to focus on workforce development parallels my desires for my family. To see employees learn and grow and reach their potential brings me joy. There have been many times that I have prayed and received inspiration with regard to how I approach a challenge at work just as I would at home. The Holy Ghost has been my guide and I have seen wonderful things happen because of that guidance. As a woman who was sealed in the temple and was then divorced there is a possibility to encounter stumbling blocks of discouragement and fear. I was blessed that early in my conversion I recognized my happiness and faith in the Lord Jesus Christ was up to me. I chose to be part of my Ward family. I was blessed with wonderful examples of devout priesthood holders to my girls who served our family. I never felt that I didn't have access to Priesthood blessings or Relief Society support.

Why I am a Mormon

I am a Mormon because I noticed something different about the Mormon children at my school when I was growing up. I noticed that when their families attended school activities there was something different about them, also. There was confidence, love and closeness that I wanted for my family some day. As a teenager my family rarely went to church. I had something inside me that knew I was a child of a loving Heavenly Father. This was easy for me to understand because my own father loved me unconditionally. My dad is one of my greatest examples of how to live a Christlike life. We didn't attend church, though. So, I started searching for myself. When I attended an Education Week and heard the Plan of Salvation I felt like I had come home. I knew that what I heard was what I already knew to be true. From then on I didn't want to live without the Holy Ghost in my life and I wanted this for my children.

How I live my faith

I have been blessed to spend most of my years of membership in the church working with the Young Women and the Relief Society organization which is made up of women at all stages of life. I love teaching as much as I love being taught. Working with the teenage girls and my peers has helped me through many unexpected hardships. Visiting Teaching has blessed me with some of my truest friends and most loving experiences. I have always benefited much more from those I visit teach than they benefit from me. Actually, my visiting teaching companions teach me even more and are also among my closest friends. Seving with the women in the Relief Society opens my eyes to the compassion we all need to have for each other no matter if we belong to this church or not. I learn so much about growing and progressing in the gospel as we work through our struggles together and bear one another's burdens. There are very few Mormons where I work. There are many wonderful people that share my deep love for Jesus Christ and reverence Him as I do. One friend from work, who is among my greatest examples of living a Christlike life, has commented to me about things she notices are different about me because of my faith. I want to be a good example but don't talk much about my faith. She has told me that the way I live and treat people speaks to her - not with words but through my actions. I am blessed that the leader of our division at work is a devout Christian man. One evening when I was walking through the parking lot I was feeling weighed down and very troubled about some difficulties at work. He drove by and asked me how I was doing. I shared what was weighing on my heart. He told me to remember that I didn't work for anyone but God. As long as I was right with God whatever I did would be the right thing. I felt the comfort of the Holy Ghost at that moment and knew Heavenly Father was using this man to send His message to me. I have many examples of earthly angels.

What is the Law of Chastity?

The law of chastity was very important to me as a single mother raising three young women. As I taught my girls I gave them very specific and relatable reasons why the Lord gave us this sacred commandment to have no sexual relations outside of marriage. Yes, life would be frustrating, difficult, unfair, and painful at times. But, to have discipline over our physical self would soften the blow of the inevitable challenges that will come our way. Unfortunately, my girls and I have seen other young women suffer from not understanding or being committed to the law of chastity. We have seen girls, their families and friends suffer after an abortion, putting a child up for adoption, or having a child out of wedlock. We have had friends suffer because of sexually transmitted diseases. We have seen the suffering of painful and abusive break-ups where they felt they were only wanted for sex. We have seen young men lied to that a girlfriend was pregnant when she was desperate for his attention. We have seen many painful things brought to many people, including the child born out of wedlock, that could have all been alleviated if they had waited until they were husband and wife to exercise the sacred power to create children. I believe the strength of character that comes from waiting until we are married to engage in a sexual relationship maifests our strength of character in many facets of life: work, friendships, families and communities. It also brings us closer to God. Show more Show less