Roberta: Mormon.

Hi I'm Roberta

About Me

I am a Mother of 3 children, I enjoy my family, books, music, walking, and interacting with people. I love to travel and learn about the different places we go. I love a good adventure.

Why I am a Mormon

I cannot identify exactly one moment in my life where I knew the the truths in this Church to be true, but it is more a collection of many small moments in my life that have built a very firm foundation in Jesus Christ and the teachings that I have been taught. I was born into a family where the Church was a very big part of our lives already. My Mother is a very strong person and truly loves the Lord and taught and led her family by example. However my Father was never an active member of the church. When I was 7 years old he passed away and my Mother diligently continued in her faith and taught all 5 of her children to love the gospel. Her example taught me that you can do hard things, but you don't have to do them alone. I have also found this to be very true. If I rely on Lord in all things and have faith, answers come, people are placed in your life to help you and blessings follow. I also know that I have made mistakes, we are not perfect and repentance is a beautiful opportunity to fix those mistakes, to learn compassion, to have hope, and to truly have happiness in your life and be free of those burdens. The happiness in my life is because of the knowledge I have obtained from my experiences, from my study of the scriptures, from the people in my life, and most of all knowing that Jesus Christ did all of this for me and the everyone on this earth.

Personal Stories

Think about your everyday activities. What are things you act upon each day where you cannot see the end results? How does faith move you to action?

I was at work and one afternoon one of the individuals I had trained asked me the question what is a Mormon? That was a very large question to give a very simple answer to. I explained that a Mormon is really a member of the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints. I asked her if she believed in Jesus Christ, and she said yes. I asked her if she believes that he loves and cares about everyone, and she said yes. I also asked her if she believed that he visited and spoke to people in different places while he was on this earth and she said yes. I then asked her if she thought that if this was the case that those other people might have documented his teachings with them? She said possibly. I then told her about the Book of Mormon and it was such a record. I also explained that it was another book that testifies of Jesus Christ and his work among the people here on this continent. It was a wonderful conversation and I gave her the website information so she could get futher information. I don't know what will come of that conversation, but I have had many opportunities to share who I am and what my beliefs are. We may never know the outcome of our efforts but we are placed in those moments for a reason.

How I live my faith

I have had the opportunity to teach seminary to High School Students early in the morning and I realized how impressed I am by the youth of today. They have a strength and courage that is a great example to me. I love working with the youth and listening to their insights on what is going on around them, their strength in standing for what is righteous and good inspires me to be a better adult, a better teacher, a better example for them.