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Hi I'm Barry

I'm a computer programmer, a college student, a father and husband, and I'm a Mormon.

About Me

I am a Geek. I am currently a student in Computer Science, and I LOVE it. I love how computers have become an integral part of society. I also love research in programming. My favorite language is C++. I love music. I am a BIG electronic music fan. I actually used to DJ at the college radio station playing all kinds of Electronica. My top artists are Way Out West and The Chemical Brothers. I am a father to two beautiful girls and husband to the most amazing woman I know. My wife and I were best friends for five years before we got married. We have been married for 4 years. Now we have to daughters: an adventurous and tender-hearted three year old, and a snuggly and curious one year old. Other cool things about me: I love to experiment. Currently I am on a cooking kick. I've learned how to make dehydrated fruits, Smoked meats, and homemade ice cream. The smoking one I am most proud of. I smoked two pork shoulders and made BBQ pulled pork, and in two days they were both gone. In the past I did a rocket project during the summer. I wanted to see if I could power a soda-bottle rocket using oxygen and hydrogen - generated from electrolysis of water. I got my rocket to go up 75ft. I am also an amateur car buff. I hope to own an Ariel Atom some day.

Why I am a Mormon

My family was LDS growing up, but for some reason things didn't click for me until I was about 21. I had always gone to church, done everything right, but I didn't have a testimony (or so I thought). The funny thing is that I decided to work towards going on a mission for the church (even though I wasn't sure that's what I needed to do). I had moved back home into my parents house to save up. I remember thinking to myself saying "ok, if I want to feel certain in my decision to go on a mission, I need to first know (assuredly) that it is true." So, over the course of a couple days I studied and prayed, and finally one night while reading the story of Joseph Smith I began to feel that it was true. I felt that I had received my confirmation, and I served my mission. President Hinkley said that all the things that are good in his life are a result of faith in the church. I have found this to be true. All the good things in my life, I feel, are a direct or indirect result of being a member of the church. The church teaches to get an education (which is what I'm doing). It was at church that I met my beautiful wife. And I am grateful that I get to be a parent and bring my children up in the church. I am not a perfect person. I have struggled with things in my life that I wouldn't wish on anyone else. The thing that give me hope is a scripture in the Book of Mormon: Alma 7:11-13 (there is not enough room to quote it). Essentially what I learn from it is that Christ knows what it is like to have afflictions, so much that he knows more about your affliction that you do, and therefore he knows how to help you, even when you feel helpless. I am grateful for my faith in Christ. It has carried me through many afflictions. I know Jesus Christ performed the ultimate sacrifice of dying on the cross so that I might be able to repent and become clean from my sins.

How I live my faith

For me, I try to live my faith by showing love and acceptance to others. Growing up I did not have a lot of friends because I was an odd duck. Now that I'm older I've become much more social (very opposite from how I was), and so I try to accept people (even the people that the majority doesn't like). I find it rewarding because I get to make friends with unique people. I also teach the youth in the church. I am a Sunday school teacher for the 13 to 14 year old's. I really enjoy it. My kids are very smart and very diverse. I have fun with them by teaching them a techy word of the day before I start my lesson: words like "Polymorphism" or "Fractal". I enjoy my home teaching. Home teaching is where two members will visit and teach member families once a month. I really enjoy doing my Home Teaching. It is great to have a chance to share spiritual messages like that. I like that there are times when I will feel impressed to do something, and when I do it, the outcome is exactly what a person needed.