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Hi I'm Craig Casteel

I´m from Ohio, I LOVE food, technology, and the great outdoors. I'm a Mormon.

About Me

I'm 21 years old and I has so many interests already. The problem with me is I'm a dabbler I like to do a little computer and electronics one day then go fishing and rock climbing the next. I take after my dad a bit who is a jack of all trades and a master of all at least that what he says. I particularly like cooking, food is such a wonderful medium to work with. I enjoy making people happy and food makes most everyone happy. I love when I serve out a platter at home and everyone loves it. I also love to play with and customize computers, one thing I like about computers is in general a rule is a rule no exceptions. I hope to go to school and study Dietetics or maby Chemical Engineering or both.

Why I am a Mormon

In short because I was born this way. I now have a strong testimony of God's hand in my life. Initially I went to church because I was supposed to, then because my friends were there, then because I wanted to. I love to ask questions I love learning everything about everything. As I grew older the gospel answered many questions I had that I could not answer on my own. I KNOW that the Book Of Mormon is true, I KNOW that Christ loves us and died for us, and I KNOW that we can live with our Heavenly Father again. The comfort and relief that knowing this gives is priceless. I have a direction in life I have a reason to do what I do, and I love it. I promise to anyone with doubts that you can know too.

How I live my faith

I work with the Boy Scouts of America, I serve the church and the young men. I love the opportunity to teach important life skills, the principle of hard work, and that even young men can do incredible things. I have gained so much from the scouting organization and feel honored to serve back. Another way I express my faith, is that I pray all the time, one thing I learned was to ¨Always have a prayer in your heart,¨ I love that I can maintain a constant communication with my Father in Heaven.

Why do Mormon missionaries proselyte?

Craig Casteel
Missionaries have one of the biggest responsabilities in the world, they invite others to come and partake of the gospel of Jesus Christ. They are motivated by their faith, and belief in God, and his Prophets. Missionary work is inspired by the scriptures. Christ himself sent messangers in pairs ahead of him to proclaim his work, and ministry. Likewise we follow the same pattern sending pairs out to share a glad message. It is important to note that Missionaries are not solicitors or salesman, they are ordained ministers, called to invite people to come and learn about Christ. They are filled with a desire to share the knowledge they have. They know Christ has blessed them, and seek to help others secure those blessings. Missionaries do not serve for personal gain, they are not paid, nor given any special award or privaledges for their service. The only rewards they gain are spiritual, they fulfil the commandment to proclaim the gospel, they increase in wisdom, and doctorinal knowledge, and they get the joy of having helped someone partake of the love of God. Show more Show less

Why is authority to perform a baptism important?

Craig Casteel
Baptism can be related to any physical analogy. You would not accept a ticket from an ice cream man, nor would you allow grocery bagger to notorize your documents. These people cannot perfom these duties because they are not authorized to. A computer user on a buisness network is not allowed to make system changes and alter important software. This is for the protection of the network. Authority is withheld for the one who has the knowledge on how to perfom the duties without a disasterous network failure. Likewise an unordained person cannot baptise in God's name without his authority, or the knowledge of how to properly perfom the duty. We claim our authority not from a diploma, or university, not from scholars, historians or scientists. We claim our authority from Christ himself as it has been passed down from him. One cannot simply will themselves God's authority, the scriptures teach that "no man taketh this honor". It must be given to one who is willing and worthy. Baptism is an essential ordinance and cannot be perfomed but one without the proper authorization. Just like you would not take the ice cream man's speeding ticket, God will not accept an unathorized baptism. Show more Show less