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Hi I'm Bryce

I sell engineering software fulltime, am getting my MBA degree at nights, all while raising 8 kids. I'm a Mormon.

About Me

I like to play music (grew up playing the violin, then migrated to the guitar in high school, eventually doing my own full-band recordings), love to play sports (especially basketball, and enjoy coaching my kids' soccer teams), and am completely passionate about food. Currently, I am building a large back yard cooking area with a grill, smoker, and pizza oven. This way I can grill steaks, pit smoke barbeque meats, and cook tasty breads all at the same time. The idea was born after serving a 2-year mission in Argentina - an experience without compare - and falling in love with their wood-grilling techniques. My back yard cooking area will be completely wood burning. Spending time in Mexico as a kid, followed by my mission in Argentina, really sparked a global interest. Now I am pursuing my MBA at the Thunderbird School of Global Management to open business opportunities for me and my family outside of the United States. I also enjoy cars, and look forward to spending some hobby time in the future with automobiles... but I'm a little too busy at the moment. I also enjoy investing. Even though I have little left over after school and family, I think it is very important to save for a rainy day, and plan for a sound financial future. This means I forgo things now so I can have opportunities later. This attitude has led to a peaceful financial lifestyle when others would think I should be strapped with a large family.

Why I am a Mormon

I grew up Mormon, but still found out for myself that this is Jesus Christ's true church. That discovery was sparked by a teacher at church who asked the class of young men if anyone knew the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints was true. I raised my hand and said that I did. He then asked "how do you know?" "I just do." "Who told you it is true?" was his reply. That one stumped me. I always believed it was true, but just because a church leader, parent, or friend tells you something is true doesn't always mean it actually is. When I said again that I just know, he taught a lesson that has stuck with me the rest of my life. He emphasized that people can mislead (even if unintentional), but God never does. That He is the source of all truth. And that we have every right as a child of God to ask Him if something is true, and if we ask in faith, he'll give us the answer (see James 1:5). I asked the teacher "won't Heavenly Father consider it a lack of faith asking him to confirm something I already believe?" The teach responded that on the contrary, God wants to tell us! He then encouraged us to find out for ourselves if the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints was true by praying and asking God for an answer. I pondered on that lesson all week. I was quite nervous with the prospects of praying and getting an answer that it was not true, and needing to embark on a spiritual discovery to find the truth. But I decided, even at that young age, that is was better for me to find the truth than to stay where I was comfortable. I finally got up the courage to pray, and received a beautiful (and relieving) affirmative answer. I felt so loved by my Father in Heaven, and so grateful to have been lead to the truth! I've since prayed about Joseph Smith, the Book of Mormon, even our prophet, President Monson. I testify--as a witness to answers from God--that the teachings of the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints are TRUE!

How I live my faith

I enjoy doing several things while at church, but only living my faith within the confines of the church building doesn't give anyone a chance to see that Mormons are truly disciples of Christ. I need to live my faith in my home, I need to be Christ-like in how I treat my wife and children. Obviously, I'm not even close to perfect. But learning every week how to apply the teachings of Christ to our daily lives gives me tremendous support in being more successful trying to do so. Outside the home, I do my best to lead a Christ-like life by being a friendly neighbor and giving of my time and money to organizations that help others. I also do my best to be completely honest in all my business dealings, and in my dealings with those around me. I also think the most important thing we can do in this life is to create a happy family. This doesn't mean to just have lots of kids, or go on lots of vacations. This means to put priorities at work and play that when your family needs you, they come first. When we started having kids, I still wanted to mountain bike, play basketball, record my music, and do other activities that focused on me. I had to go through a change of heart to truly appreciate my children. Yes, I loved them, but each additional child did not necessarily give me incremental joy, because each additional child meant less personal time for me. I finally conceded they were more important than my hobbies, and started to focus on them more. I went from regretting going to their soccer games because the lawn needed to be mowed, to coaching their teams and enjoying every second of it. Their interests became my interests, and I started to feel that joy of family grow quickly and pervasively. I went from not understanding why anyone would have a large family, to not understanding why anyone wouldn't have one. It is hard work - but so worth it! When focused on Christ, there is no greater joy that can be had than being in a loving family.