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Hi I'm Wendy

I live in the UK. I work in a university business school. I have a great son and I love being a mother. I'm a Mormon.

About Me

I am a hardworking single mother who is now reaping the rewards of a long and difficult journey. Due to unpleasant events which happened in my childhood and teens, I left school without any qualifications. I sought happiness in all the usual places that messed up teenagers do and out of this came the best thing to happen in my life - my son! Having my son turned me around overnight. I now felt responsible for him and wanted to give him the best life possible. I now began to think of him and not myself. Strangely, this gave me a greater strength. I now know that my Heavenly Father knew exactly what would help me to grow and my son was literally a gift from him. My love for my son helped me to better myself. I went back to school. I wanted to be able to provide for him and to set him a good example. There were many years of poverty and self doubt. There were many times when I felt that I should give up. All these years later I am now studying for my doctorate, I'm a Deputy Director of a leading MBA programme and my son is studying at LDS Business College in Utah. I was baptised into the church at aged 8years but due to circumstances I was not part of the church for many years. My son brought me back to the church. Coming back made me realise that I had been protected whilst spending all those years in the wilderness. I had received the Gift of the Holy Ghost at my baptism and this was the still small voice that had guided me over the years. I love the church!

Why I am a Mormon

As you can see from my profile, I've tried many churches. I've also studied many religions. I was always aware of the fact that we are not alone. I have never felt alone and always knew that someone was watching over me. As someone who moved around alot (army child) as I got older I wanted to find my people, my community. I had always been adept socially and could mix with any group (some not so good for me actually!) but I had never felt that I truly belonged. I always felt like an outsider. Even when I went to great churches and met good people, I felt a lack of connection or that I was being judged. Also, with some churches, the doctrine just didn't feel right. Some were so focussed on ritual, rules and regulations. The leaders seemed so distant and sometimes set a bad example. In the end, my son was raised spiritual but not religious as I could not align my family to any of those I had explored. I decided in the end to take what I liked from each and have a personal relationship with God. As my son began to explore his spirituality himself through reading various holy books, unbeknownst to me, he began to read the Book of Mormon and asked for a visit from some missionaries. He did not know that I had been baptised into the church as a child. When the missionaries arrived to visit with him, he also found out that his mother was a member! We decided to go to our local chapel and meet the local people. I will always remember that day with gratitude. We were greeted with smiles and love. We immediately felt 'at home'. I had found my people at last and it had been my fabulous and special son who had led me there. Families truly are the work of the Lord.

How I live my faith

I now have some great callings - planning social events for my sisters and teaching children the Gospel in Primary (Children's Sunday School). I'm at church for three hours every Sunday and I love every minute of it! I do lots of activities in between and I have never been busier or happier! We have great fun planning and organising social events for each other and then more fun attending them. I've started a book club and film club so that my sisters and myself can spend time having discussions that enrich our lives. Through these discussions - with food and drink treats of course - we get to know each other better and grow to love each other. I have had friends outside the church and still do. There are some who are definitely 'true' friends. They don't judge me or expect alot of me, they just love me. When I'm with my sisters I feel this with each and every one of them. I feel that I can genuinely be 'me' and that my sisters will love me for it. Their expression of love and kindness towards me reminds me that I am a daughter of God and that he loves me no matter what. I am happy to talk to people about my faith but I wait for them to ask. I do not try to 'push' my faith onto others. The church has made me happier than I could ever have imagined and I would like that happiness for others, so I'm happy to share, however, if someone is not interested, then I respect that. I understand that you can take horse to water but you cannot make it drink. Instead I work to be a good example to others. I do my best to be more Christ like (which is hard in today's society) and do my best to spread love, joy and happiness to those around me. At least that way people can see what mormons are truly like. I often have people say, "I didn't know you were a mormon, you're not strange at all, you're quite normal!". Unfortunately, the media continues to misinform people about how we live, at least through my words and actions I can, in a small way, put this right.