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Hi I'm Gabriel

I grew up in Idaho. I love RC planes. I'm a college student. I am married. I speak Spanish as a second language. I'm a Mormon.

About Me

As a kid, I grew up in and loved the mountains. Later, we moved out of the mountains into a small farming valley where I loved to swing off rope swings into the river and large (clean) irrigation canals, jump off railroad trestles into the water, go cliff jumping, tubing down the river, etc. I love those kinds of activities, and that kind of "swimming." In the winter I love to go sledding and snowboarding, or even skiing. In addition to these activities, one of my favorite all-time activities is for sure to fly RC airplanes. I have some that are gas (technically: glow fuel) and have recently gotten really big into electric planes. I am just so fascinated by things that fly and have always loved it. At one time, just a couple years ago, I was a soaring (sailplane) flight instructor for a few years, and just about a year ago I got my basic hang gliding certification as well. Today, I just fly RC planes. I am 26 years old, have a BS in Aeronautical Engineering, and will soon have an MS in Mechanical Engineering. I just got married, and believe very strongly in family life and defending freedoms.

Why I am a Mormon

I have read the Book of Mormon and prayed about the truthfulness of the Gospel of Jesus Christ, according to the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints. I have received an answer and know it is true. My testimony is simple. I know that this truly is Christ's Restored church. I know that God literally lives and loves me, and that I can be forgiven of my sins through the Atonement (sacrifice) of Jesus Christ. I have felt forgiveness many times, and am thankful for it. I love Christ, and am thankful for Him. I know that the Bible is the word of God, as far as it is translated correctly, and I am doing a thorough study of the New Testament right now and am in Revelation! I know that the Book of Mormon is also the word of God and that the two books together teach perfectly and clarify greatly so many doctrines today which many Christian churches disagree about. I know you may not know much about Joseph Smith, but just as Moses or Abraham were Christian prophets (because they prophesied of Christ and looked forward to his coming), and just as Peter, James, and John were Christian prophets in the New Testament, so too is Joseph Smith a Christian prophet, in these last days. I know that God the Father, and Jesus Christ at His side, visited Joseph Smith in 1820, and asked him to restore Their church onto the Earth. That is where this church came from, and I invite you to learn about it and seek to come closer to God than you've ever been before. I am thankful for its teachings, and for my wife. I am thankful that we were *sealed* in an LDS temple for Time and All Eternity, and that we will be married still as husband and wife in the next life--in Heaven. I testify of these things in Christ's name, amen.

How I live my faith

I attend church every Sunday for 3+ hrs. Yeah, it's a super long time but it's worth it. I learn that I need to be a daily, all the time Christian, and not just a "Sunday morning" or "Christmas and Easter" Christian. I try to live and share my faith, and to keep my body and mind pure, healthy, and clean, so that I can feel the Spirit (or Holy Ghost) more in my life. This is how one finds happiness, joy, feels love, loves more, receives guidance, etc. If you seek to live a more clean life, and feel more happiness, then you will find that doing these things is the way to live too!

What is the Law of Chastity?

The Law of Chastity is a very important law. Anything that brings about sexual feelings outside of marriage should be avoided. You know what those things are. Before you're married it may be very hard to live, but it is worth it. Allowing others to use your body is not in God's plan, and neither is you using others' bodies. Many college-age people flaunt their bodies today, but I can testify that if you cover it, you'll find a man or woman who truly loves you for who you are, and not for how raging their hormones are. :) Show more Show less