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Hi I'm Peter

I am a gereral contractor, I remodel homes, I have a great family and I love to paint portraits of my childern. And I'm a Mormon.

About Me

I have become an old man, I have changed my life ocupation three times, trying to find me. When I was young I loved to schectch and paint people, but I lack confidence, So I have learn to do other things. I have not always been happy in the things that I have done for a living, But I have found great happiness in my family and my grand children, The love that we share is more valuable to me than any worldly thing that I possess. I have found love that we share, steady my life and bring me joy. I have also found that when you chouse to do the right thing, and be a good person, you will find happiness, I have also found that living the gosple that Jesus tought, you will find peace, and I have also found that I can paint my grand children it is great fun.

Why I am a Mormon

I am a 5th generation Mormon from a long pioneer heritage and I have hundreds of cousins with the same heritage, It is true that I have been taught this way of life by my patrents, but I have also chouse it, there comes a time when every one chouse for them self what they will belive despite there parents wishes, for me it was quite late. I was about 22 years old and i was repeating these things my parents have taught me, I have alway belived them, and felt im my hart that it was true but why? It was at that time in my life when I deside to secretly find out for my self. I went to the Lord in humble prayer asking if the things that I have been taught were really true. I did belive that the scripture taught us that God would anser my prayers, I had prayed a lot and for a long time always in secret and after a trial of my faith. (waitng) Then one night when I was teaching these things to some other people, I was quite over come by a very strong warm feeling, that filled my my hart with such great love for the Savior and shared kniowlege in my mind, that this was god's Church and his work, and the way I needed to go to return back to him. It was more than a feeling, it was a knowlege that I knew was true, and nothing could ever change this thruth, It is the bed rock of what I belive in, and where I have found my happiness. I know with a surety that God lives and Jesus Christ loves me. And even above my family this I value more than any thing in life. It is the source of real happiness. And the peace I need through these hard time

How I live my faith

I live my religion through service to other people, It is what this gosple is all about, service to others just as Christ would do, Doing just what he would do. each of of us have talents and skills that make us better suited for servies for others in diferent ways, and I have done a lot of things for others over the years, Curently I teach the youth Juniors and seniors aged high school kids, the gosple in a zero hour high school class we call seminary. it is fun, it is challanging and requires a lot of my time. But helping kids find the gosple aplacations in the scriptures in there life, is a skill I have learn over the years.