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Hi I'm Sharon

I live in Denver. I love the gospel, but don't always go to church. I make mistakes. A lot. I still feel loved. I'm a Mormon.

About Me

I am married with 5 kids. I came from an active Mormon background, but my husband did not. Through our 20 years of marriage this has caused friction, and as a result, some of us go to church, and some of us don't. In fact, sometimes our marriage has separated, and sometimes it has been fine. I used to struggle every week to get my 4 boys and 1 girl to go happily with my (forced, unhappily) husband to church and stay the whole time, with a vision of all of us dressed in our "Sunday Best", loving all that was there. You know what? Chaos! They had their own ideas of what worked for them. Imagine! After my husband was in a bad car accident, even I took a break from church and callings and, sadly, God. I focused on our family healing emotionally and physically. For several years, even after my husband got better, I was afraid to let God back in to my life. Then I was assaulted, and my family rallied around me. As I healed, I realized that I cannot, nor should I, MAKE anyone have a spiritual relationship with God. I am in charge of me, and me alone. The more I healed, and the more I trusted in my family to be amazing in their own lives, the more they trusted me. These days, my daughter and I go to church because we want to, not because we have to. I have lots of habits that I picked up in life, I guess like we all do, but I don't apologize for them. I just work to conquer them, and church is a great framework to feel loved and supported in that. Life's good!

Why I am a Mormon

I am a Mormon because, along with people caring about me, I remembered what it felt like, growing up, to have my dad, and other members of the priesthood, lay their hands on my head and pray for me. When I was hurting, or sick, or had a decision that only I could make, they (without judgement) would speak the words that God gave them to say and I would EVERY TIME receive an answer, with comfort and love, to my heartache or... stuckness. I simply can't deny that feeling. I KNOW this feeling because I felt it throughout my whole being, like a warm (and sometimes hot) fire was in my chest and gut. This feeling has been distinct in my life, and it is simply something I know. Like I knew how to quiet my infants with a certain song that only I knew, or even how to care for my 1st born son when I was only 18, even though I had NO IDEA what I was doing. I JUST RECOGNIZED WHAT TO DO OR SAY. It's like that. I still feel that same warmth when I hear a certain talk or lesson in church, or Conference, that pertains to my life. I still feel that same warmth when I pray on my own. I go to my Heavenly Father for forgiveness when I mess up, when I want to "sell my kids to the gypsies" (as my mother-in-law would say) for being difficult, or when I have no more faith on my own. Still works. Still happens. Another reason, and this is a big one, that I am a Mormon, and even in the wake of controversy about different lifestyles, I know that Mormons are human, with opinions and moods and mistakes and one-sided-ness. I see a difference between the church part (where people congregate to have meetings and such), and the gospel (the teachings of Christ, through prophets, today). I believe that there is room right now in the gospel for all races, religions, sexes, life choices, and types of people here. I don't speak for everyone's opinion, but Kindness, Patience, and Love is what Christ preached. I'm into that. At some point the Church and the Gospel will mesh. I count on it.

How I live my faith

I live my faith by focusing on my family, my church calling, my writing, and my love of music. I have learned to love family as they are, and have faith that Heavenly Father has a plan for them that is much better than mine, so as I let go and love and guide them when they ask, they branch out and recognize that Heavenly Father is a bigger part of their lives than they thought. That is enough for me for now. The teen part of my life was full of immorality, based on sexual ignorance as well as some sexual abuse. This wasn't from my family, but it happened none the less. I have spent a good part of my adulthood in healing and working to conquer the ripples that came from those experiences, and I am grateful to be in a calling at Church that lets me work with the young women for a bit. I am able to guide and connect with the young women, assisting in giving them a different path for their teenhood. They are imaginative and vivacious girls, looking for ways to express themselves, and there are so many ways to do that and stay safe, and chaste, and clean. I am so proud to be part of their lives. I am in a space at home that lets me write a bit. It is a fantastic way to go through life and admit that life is not tidy. The experiences that happen to me, and to others, when looked at from a certain perspective, can be insightful and humorous. And healing to write about. So I do. I also play the piano, trumpet, and baritone as a way to express my joy, my heartache, and my love. My writing and music are not famous, or even needed in the community, but for me, they are my passion. I have a goal every day. It is this: Look people that I meet right in the eye, and let them know, somehow, that I love them as a brother or sister of God. So I find their need and fill it when I can. If not, I look for someone else that is able. Usually, just talking is what they need, and that is enough. A word or a conversation is all they need to know they count. It's true.