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Hi I'm Tricia.

I'm a Mommy, I love adventure, and I'm a Mormon.

About Me

I am a mother of two little boys. Life is a grand adventure for me. I enjoy everything from learning new crafting skills, to the benefits of healthy cooking/food preparation/meal planning, as well as various forms of dance and artistic expression. Every person I meet and every place I go adds something new to my life adventure. I grew up in Utah and now live in Texas which has been a great adventure. I personally feel that I can learn something from everyone I meet, and enjoy something in every experience I have.

Why I am a Mormon

Like many other members of my faith, I have had moments when I have felt very strong and solid in my testimony of the gospel and times when my faith in it has been not as strong. My testimony now, comes from knowing that in the times when I am most valiant and am following God's commandments and the principles of the church is when I am the happiest. My relationship with my husband is best when we pray together, read our scriptures, attend Sunday meetings, fulfill our callings, and enjoy the relationships that we make while doing all of the above. It is true what they say that you gain a testimony of the restored gospel and truth by following the commandments and by living it. In the end, it actually is easier than the alternative. The blessings I have gained from keeping the commandments and living the gospel help to strengthen me when I am experiencing trials, challenges in daily life, and/or other hard circumstances.

How I live my faith

So much of living our faith is what happens on the inside of us. It is the prayers we utter in our closets and when we study the scriptures because we want to. It is the thought and concern we have for others' welfare. It is choosing to develop into our best self so that we have something to give. It is choosing to keep the commandments and counsel of the latter day prophets so that we can live our best lives possible. You may not realize the beautiful impact that living the gospel has in your life until you meet people who have never known the joys that gospel living bring. The church has provided me with many opportunities to learn and grow and share my talents and gifts with others. I have worked in the children's organization, the women's organization, served a full time mission, I have taught the gospel in my own family.

How can I know Mormonism is true?

I know that God knows each of us personally and gives us an answer to our prayers in a way that honors us. For me, answers come one of two ways generally. First option is an immediate knowing like a thunderbolt. This usually happens when I ask a yes/no type of question. I will immediately have the answer, the second I ask it. The second option is the result of my faith put into action. As I live the teachings of the church and practice believing and basically "put my faith to the test" or you could say "nourish the seed of faith" then I receive the peace and joy in the gospel that I am looking for and the knowledge that it is good, right, and true. One other way that I experience knowing the truth of the gospel, or an answer to prayer is with an intense feeling, like a call to action. Sometimes it comes at night and tells me to read my scriptures, or get on my knees and pray. It's like a sudden urging that comes to interrupt what I was doing and tell me what I should be doing. Other times it is a warning to discontinue one path and find another one. When I act upon these callings of the Spirit then I gain access to more light, wisdom, and knowledge. When I do not heed them then I gradually lose the ability to feel the Spirit of God and I am left alone to figure things out myself. I have found its much better to heed the Spirit and keep it near than to think I know better and not listen. God gives answers to those who humbly seek with pure intent and righteous desires. Show more Show less